Marjorie Taylor Greene , @experthiker & @Critical_Distance #wingnut #transphobia

(Marjorie Taylor Greene)
“There is no way I'm backing down. I introduced very important legislation called the Protect Children's Innocence Act… It makes it a felony to perform any type of so-called 'gender affirming care,' which is really genital mutilation surgeries, hormone therapies, [and] puberty blockers, and this is absolute child abuse.”

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@RealMarjorieGreene I would also like to make it so that children who have already been abused in this fashion have a legal remedy to sue their own parents for causing them to become so twisted as to hate their own bodies. If that person one day regrets things, I believe they should be able to sue their parents.

@RealMarjorieGreene They want the kids. The children are indeed the future and they want them so emotionally, psychologically, mentally and physically damaged that they will accept any and all abuse these satanic pukes will inflict upon them. These people are hell-bound.



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