Scott Lively #homophobia #transphobia #fundie #conspiracy

Ironically and cynically, our “progressive” opponents in the culture war – the ones most thoroughly indoctrinated in the elites narratives and most dedicated to its goals – exploit the CONCEPT of self-determination and appeal to it in the battle for “transgender rights.” The core of their argument to the public is that even (especially!) children have the right to self-determination to choose their “sexual orientation and gender identity.” But it’s only a one-way street, because these same groomers violently insist that once children have self-declared as homosexuals and transgenders, they have NO right of self-determination to recant and reorient to a normal binary, heterosexual identity. Even while these sick perverts are manipulating vulnerable kindergartners into “coming out” as “gay” or “tranny” – in captive-audience pressure sessions that would put time-share salesmen to shame – their LGBT movement is working aggressively to ban “conversion therapy” worldwide.



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