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( @Halp )
We didn’t just get to this dystopian upside down hell world because of psychotic leftist behavior, we got here because normal people are afraid of being called “racist,” “antisemitic” and “homophobic” by psychotic leftists.

( @Zaklog )
@Halp #meme

( @BeauHunter )
@Zaklog @Halp Survival means being racist and anti-semitic. The people of color and Jews want all Whites dead.

( @Fromundacheeze )
@Zaklog @Halp not all of us....but yeah, most people who want to keep their jobs have to STFU about how we really feel about niggers, spics, chinks, heebs, goat fuckers, pedos, tranny freaks, faggots, and all the rest of clown world and brown world. It's hard shutting the fuck up, but I have a family to feed. So I take to Gab to get my fill of red meat hate. :) I still share with my family the truth and my kids will be based as fuck.

( @Littletoad2020 )
@Halp If you refuse to name the "JEW" then your message can't be true. You can do it! Name the Jew!
They're not just Democrats!
They're not just Liberals!
They're not just Leftists or Marxists or Communists!
They're FUCKING Jews!
Name them!
Maybe you're one of those people that are afraid to be labeled "Racist" or "Antisemitic" or "Homophobic"?

( @echoes )
@Halp Imagine flushing thousands of years of beautiful white culture and genetics, b/c ur scared of being called a name lol

( @MR_AntiSemite )
If I'm called, “racist,” “antisemitic” or a “homophobic” by anyone i take that as a complement.

( @SerotoninSyndrome )
@Halp Racism and antisemitism laws were literally the first things on the bolshevik agenda when they seized power. They're effective. Whites are too concerned with civility by nature, and when you conflate being racist with being uncivil, mass manipulation is easy af to achieve.

( @Plastic_Banana )
No its neither. We got here because there is a powerful New World Order conspiracy behind the scenes in the western world. There is little people at ground level can do about it either way.

Ground level liberals aren't really behind any of the radical changes, they are just the useful idiots implementing it and supporting it. Its all decided at an extremely high level even above Soros, Gates, etc.



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