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[Serious] People underestimate hatred from normies

Yeah, many people on this forum seriously think that people would forget about hatred. Remember that even normies that do not know about you would still kill you without hesitation for a sniff of pussy or a couple grand of money given how bad the economy is going to be, think about your childhood bullies, imagine what they will do if they have the chance.

Many people say that "bullies will eventually let go", as according to this thread . FALSE. Think about it, your bullies originally hated you, when the government started mass-hunting incels for their "lack of economy" (mostly because their rejection to participate for our LOOKS). Even more if the (((government))) incentivizes the program of hunting us down. Your childhood bullies will do it in a heartbeat, just as everyone else. So stop coping about "your old enemies would let go bro!" bullshit, and start facing the reality that EVERYONE wants us DEAD and get mauled by sharks and crocodiles.



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