Wow! How to respond to this. This is such a sensitive issue with the hearts of so many women who want to have babies, and your spin on the whole thing is disgraceful! But- since you don't seem to know- the Catholic Church- who are the majority of those who you will see praying outside of abortion clinics- myself included- does not believe in IVF!

We believe that babies should be conceived from the marital union of a husband and wife. Now, since so many of the people out there are using sex as a recreational act, it does happen that many babies are born out of wedlock. We do not believe that these babies should suffer or be killed because their parents did something they shouldn't! If you do not believe abortion is murder, check out the bottom half of my blog. You have to scroll down a bit.

And- again- if parents don't do the correct thing, we do not believe that unwanted fertilized eggs- aka- little humans- should be used for scientific purposes! We are FINE with stem cell research that uses stem cells that are NOT from aborted fetuses or fertilized humans. There is actually fabulous science out there and some cures being found from existing stem cells. No humans need to be destroyed.

And- what to do with all of those embryos out there in frozen storage. That is a problem but again- these little humans should not pay for things their parents did wrong. We keep going down this slippery slope and it is causing all sorts of problems and headaches that we could not have even imagined!



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