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[Soy] Why do normies always fantasize about some overprotective vigilante father and his daughter?

They always fantasize about some foid with an overprotective dad who brutally tortured and kills anyone who even says something rude to his daughter. That’s why that “iF tHaT wAs mY dAuGhTeR i’D KiLL HiM” shit is always found on the comments section about some sex offender or some wife beater or whatever.

Soyciety loves seeing women as victims and damsels in distress, and dads probably want to look like a hero to their daughters. I feel like dad's usually are more overprotective of their daughters and mom are more overprotective of their sons. Hence why they have daddy's girl and momma's boy. But guess which one everyone shits on?

They all make fun of mommas boys but daddy’s girls are normalized

A real father will not let his foid daughter leave the house to begin with. It's man's oldest tradition. Until cucks took over. The Greeks were very based on this matter.

Look up about foids in Ancient Greece. It’s based

Every dad is overprotective until some buffed tranny with golf club rolls by :feelskek: Like I said in the other thread, it's a mix of various things: gynocentrism, feminism, envy, lookism, virtue signalling and a safe opportunity to satisfy your own sadistic cravings (nobody cares about "pedophiles"). You added the "guilt by association" falacy to the reasons, and I agree.

And also those “if that was my daughter I’d kill him” comments. Those comments are cringey



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