moonglow #fundie

"I will pray that more information on the vaccine is available soon and the issue can be resolved. At this point I imagine many people are stuck between a rock and a hard place - the fear of possible unknown side-effects and the fear of cervical cancer, which, although it is not one of the worst cancers, only about 35% survive it. Hopefully the truth will be revealed to us soon and the vaccine can eventually be made safe and available for those who want it"

Well of course the bibical response is if we follow what God says to do and wait to have sex until marriage this wouldn't even be an issue. This cancer is caused by a STD. God made these 'rules' to keep us safe because He loves us..instead people see Him has being a 'killjoy' and don't do what He says thinking we know more then Him. And look where that got us!

Of course sadly, women and girls get raped and can get it that way too. (again people not following His Word) I just wish they would make safer vaccines! Seems like they rush to get things out before they are fully tested...



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