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How do I lie to my child and teach her she’s wrong for knowing someone was a man?


( notsofreshfeeling )
How can I gaslight my child and undermine their safety for the sake of strange, fetishistic men? Please be kind in the comments xoxoxoxoxox

( SummerGrl )
Seriously. What kind of parent puts the feelings of a strange man above the safety of their own child.

( Megasaurus )
Handmaidens refuse to protect their own children from predators, no wonder they throw other other women under the bus so eagerly.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Exactly. This the type of mom who brings her kids to drag clubs and DQSH.

Also not to jump to every bad conclusion, but a parent willing to invalidate their child over something like this, probably invalidates them in other aspects too

( TheKnitta )
Can you imagine if the worst happened and this child was abused by a TiM? There’s no way she’d feel able to tell her mother what was happening. The whole thing is a child abuser’s dream come true.

( ArmyofMe )
How do I teach my daughter to prioritize an adult man’s feelings over her natural instincts.

( Caerulea )
and safety

( AadirMorgendorfer )
God, I could weep for that daughter. If your own mother would rather appease boundary-transgressing males (who are MORE fucking likely to commit sex crimes than your average man) than safeguard you, what hope is there?

( BlackCirce )
It’s so bizarre watching women betray their own daughters like this 🤢

( pennygadget )
Women in Africa and the Middle East routinely perform FGM on their daughters for the sake of their future hypothetical sons in law. So I guess its no surprise that the handmaidens here in the west have been convinced to sell their daughters out to random men in lipstick

( pennygadget )
"How do I train my daughter to kill her self preservation instincts so that she's easier to rape going forward?"

This is one of the main goals of this trans bullshit, IMO. To train our basic self preservation instincts out of us. This little girl's mother is training her to keep her mouth shut and not run away when a man makes her uncomfortable in an intimate space. This is abuse



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