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Most incels are cucks

What I have noticed in all of these years on incel forums, is that the vast majority of incels are actually closet cuckholds who deserve their inceldom.

This may sound harsh of me to say, but I'm not saying this for the sake of sounding malevolent, it is simply an objective observation based on my analysis of the mainstream incel way of thinking.

According to the mainstream incel, you are an incel if you can't get laid with a foid. It sounds simple enough. But if you have a high-IQ, you will notice something extremely cucked about this definition.

This definition doesn't take into account what kinds of foids you can't get laid with. It puts all kinds of foids in one single box.

This implies in a very subtle manner, that all foids have the same worth, no matter what physical attributes they have.

Race, for example.
Curry, Nigger, Gook, Beaner, Aryan.

Prime JB, mid-20's roastie and 30+ gigaroastie.

Petite, middleweight, landwhale

Sub5 gretchen, Sub8 becky and 8+ stacy

Virgin(Perfect), 1+(Ew), 15+(Eeewwww)

According to the mainstream definition, you are incel NO MATTER what type of foids reject you.

So according to this definition, if you get with a Gook, who is mid-20's, middleweight and sub5, who has a bodycount of 15 +, then you're "no longer incel"

Is it just me or doesn't this sound extremely cringe and cucked?

Not only is this cringe and cucked, it's also cope and very delusional.

If I ever got with a foid like that, not only would I still be incel, but I would also be extremely miserable, knowing that I'm coping with a subhuman foid.

Every man in the world knows what he truly desires, a VIRGIN, ARYAN, JB FOID.

This is the only true way of ascending. It's the only thing that will truly make you proud of yourself, and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

If I "ascended" with a fat, gook foid who had a massive bodycount and was sub5 PSL, I would end up roping because of the shame and humilliation of knowing that I couldn't get a prime, virgin aryan jb. And had to settle for such a monstrosity.

But according to your average, faggot, soyboy, mainstream "incel", I would be a "fakecel normie who ascended'

What a sick fucking joke.

This is why I'm glad that most incels are roping. They rope because stupid, disgusting, low-value foids don't want them.




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