insert-cheesy-name-here #homophobia

@thelesbiadhder: Ok most of this is ok, except for the "We can call sinners out for their sin" bit. People who are not christian do not believe in jesus, so why should they follow his rules? Don't force your religion on others please. You can follow your religion as you please and I do not mind that, but don't tell other people that they're going to hell when they don't believe in god. Don't tell other people not to sin if they don't believe in that.

@insert-cheesy-name-here: Well, I actively ignore LGBTQ content outside of Christianity. (For ex. The tumblr tags)
So, I will only interact with lgbt folks who think God is okey with their active sinning.
I have not the patience to talk to ppl outside of christianity even though we are called to do that. God wants us to spread his words and morals and if you love God you would want that too. If not, sorry, but I don’t care what you specifically think of me.
It’s God who I want to please not you.



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