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It's the same for Macedonia tho. Literally the best places in the country are gonna be overrun by foreigners. I've seen Turks, Syrians, Nigerians, Brits, Germans in Skopje 🤢🤮

Idc if he white or not, no one should migrate here period. Except Bulgarians and Macedonians that like to return home.

I don’t mind other white people migrating here, especially other Slavs

I mind all.

I am xenophobic and don't like people who are different.

Albanians won't mind if an Albanian marries a Turk or any other girl, but they sure won't like when someone non Albanian marries an Albanian girl. It's the same with me, i don't like for our woman and my future grandkids to be married with someone outside of the Macedonian/Bulgarian ethnicity but i don't mind if a Macedonian marries a non Macedonian.

I said this because almost every single one who migrates here is a guy not a girl. I ain't fucking simping for a English dude that has came to Ohrid to fuck our woman.

Plus i don't like Europe to become one ethnicity. I actually don't even approve of Serb Macedonian marriage, let alone Polish-Macedonian or some other combination.

Obviously I do not approve of sex tourism of an English dude going to be promiscuous on holiday in Ohrid, but if there is something like a Pole coming and marrying a Bulgarian and living in Bulgaria for me that is ok.

I do not have any xenophobia against other Slavic groups

Well i don't mind East and West Slavs in small numbers here even if they are guys. But i do mind Bosniaks and Serbs cuz of political instability, and once u asked me why i hate Torlaks. Well go visit Kumanovo to find out that every 3rd Macedonian is a Srboman because of intermixing between those two ethnicities.



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