Allen Smiley #fundie

Let me say this again, the 14th amendment created no new rights. Not for sane sex marriages or otherwise. It was strictly for ex-slaves. The constitution has never given any judge, federal or state the power to create rights of any kind. All issues on morality is in the power of the state and people. No judge has constitutional authority to override the will of the people.9th and 10th amendments. There is no absolutely no right to same sex marriage in the constitution. All moral rights were instituted in the colonial conventions. All state constitutions then banned homosexuality as anti-Christ and Satanic which it is. America was created by Christians to promote Christian values. Now these satanic judges controlled by this real fallen angel is promoting his dark kingdom through these people and judges because he knows when Jesus returns He will destroy them along with him. However, in the mean time the earth is going to attack every state with harden weather Luke it was ordered to do. Next these judges and people who have challenged God will be plagued by more diseases including leprosy.



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