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RE: Brutality against indigenous people embedded in Anglo-Saxons' DNA

(Zhao Lei)
Agreed. Many Anglo Saxons people that i met & observed are very dishonest, two-faced, having a mentality of pot calling kettle black, shamelessly giving false accusations.......... They will do anything for attention, fame, money and Ferraris, so on and so forth.

The Whites, especially those leading mass murderers of America, are racist to the core. They willfully practiced, racist policy to this very day. Their only concern is not to be caught out in their hypocrisy. They use their mass media to whitewash their genocidal actions by means of subtle twisted and slant analysis and interpretation of events. They employed numerous agents in mass social media like twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram etc to influence and convince their readers. Their effectiveness can be seen by the support for their numerous wars, sabotage, insurrections and varied 'colour' revolutions past and ongoing in the world. Vigilance must be practice at all times for such disinformation and misinformation.


I wave my magic wand and those countries go *poof*! What does the world look like? Rainbows and lollipops or Mogadishu? Your answer will depend on your IQ.

Bagdhad would still be a proud standing cradle of civilization. There would still be natves and their undestoryed culture and socal evolution in N. America, NZ, Canada, Australia...

Serously are you anglo descendents some sort of exterminating virus.... any where you people are found there's a constant of gemocide and ethnic cleansing....



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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