Slavicpride14 & myautismisaugmented #racist

RE: Dua Lipa just posted a photo of greater Albania on her profile, managing to directly insult 4 nations the territory infringes upon, and many more. This is hilarious.



Yikes, this girl is radicalized. It's interesting how rich people who live continents away from the Balkan post shit like this, while us people who are "forced" to communicate and share our miseries with other ethnic groups are more welcoming, respectful and peaceful between each other. For example some of you all know i am from mix-majority Albanian place, and i haven't seen one Albanian post stuff like this. But when i look up people from ethnoplaces(Macedonians or Albanians) they are full radicalized openly.

People from ethnically mixed areas probably still have those views but they just don’t talk about it as much openly because they don’t want to get into a fight/argument with people from other ethnicities.

The Serbs in the regions around Prizren maybe thought the same thing that you did before their Albanian neighbours became terrorists breaking away from Serbia and ethnically cleansed them.

The reason those Albanians arent saying radical things is because they dont want conflict

They're scared

As soon as they go to a place where they are the majority the mask falls off

Ne mu veruvaj na shiptar



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