John C. Wright #fundie

You see, according to the Darwinists, nothing outweighs self-preservation except for race-preservation, on the ground that whatever genetically coded strategy of survival promotes the most selfish gene (selfish here meaning designed to preserve and promote itself with the greatest tenacity) by definition is the code most likely to be carried along in future generations, repeating itself. It is the ultimate conservative.

However, ironically, this genetically selfish behavior is a hindrance to the process of evolution as evolution is usually described. It is only by eliminating the selfish gene, creating mutations, and then weeding out the unfit, that evolution, as it is usually described, can take place. It is the ultimate radical.

(I must pause to comment that was is described as Darwinism is usually unrelated to Darwin, and more related to Nietzsche, Hegel, and Marx, who had a mystical belief in endless upward progress either toward the superman, the absolute, or the socialist paradise. Darwin never spoke about evolution, only about descent with modification, which is a sound theory regarding the creation of breeds, but in recent years has begun to seem doubtful in the minds of candid biologists regarding the creation of a new species, much less a new genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom. The random mutation theory, which is not Darwin's theory, does not seem to be a feasible mechanism to explain the stability of species in some geological strata, versus the sudden explosions of species in the precambrian and others.)



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