Adama of Telos via Sharon Stewart #ufo #crackpot #magick #conspiracy

Adama: What it means is your light quotient is rising. It means that you're more in touch with the light than you are with the dark on earth, and that you're able to understand what is going on around your planet without much effort.

Me: People wanting to kill other people doesn't sound like the light.

Adama: People being arrested for wanting to kill other people is. You had tapped into their effort to arrest these potential murderers before they carried out any of their heinous ideas.

Me: Ah. I see.

Can you tell us about what Benjamin Fulford said, that the world's leaders are being murdered, apparently by the white hats? I find that a bit over the top.

Adama: They're not being murdered, Sharon, they're being arrested and sent to trial. That trial could result in their death though, because your people still believe in capital punishment. The entities that inhabit these beings, are being sent to the central sun for recycling.
Me: I don't see myself on a higher timeline, Adama. I see myself living here with maskers who haven't woken up yet. They've got the schools covered and I even get asked covid questions by maskers working at the vet's office. These people have all submitted to the control agenda and some even support it because they can't tell they're being lied to.
Adama: You're moving. And you'll create a city that doesn't wear masks and is non-compliant. So you're going to move to a higher vibrational area. For now, your light is still needed where you are.

Me: You can say that again. I have woken some people up, though.

Adama: It has. You can't save the whole city. Some people are too far gone to be helped.



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