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Breaking the Sound Barrier on Campus

On Friday, I gave a speech at Arizona State University — despite furious opposition. “Anarchists” and “anti-fascists” tried to pressure the university to cancel the talk.

My talk, “If We Do Nothing: A Defense of White Identity Politics,” was an introduction to why white racial awareness is necessary. I started with the basics of race — that it is the biological equivalent of subspecies in animals — and described the most important racial differences, with an emphasis on intelligence. I pointed out that refusing to recognize racial reality means unfairly blaming whites for the failures of blacks and Hispanics, and for this reason alone, it is essential to talk about them. I gave examples of how diversity is a terrible weakness, not a strength, and argued that the attempt to build a multiracial America has failed.

“What is the solution?” I asked, and replied that it lies in the scores of racial identity groups on the Arizona State University Campus — of which I had counted no fewer than 70.

There is not, of course, a single “white” or “European” group on campus. This is typical of the fatal double standard according to which only whites are barred from taking the most obvious efforts to defend their interests and ensure their continued existence as a people.

On a campus that prides itself on “diversity” — whites may already be a minority — non-whites band together in a clear effort to build racial solidarity and promote identity politics. If diversity is a strength, why do non-whites want homogeneity? Because disengagement is the way to escape the irreconcilable differences that are poisoning America. Most people prefer to be among people like themselves, and campus groups point the way for society at large: Some people may want to live multi-culti lives, but the rest of us must have the right to go our own way.

I ended by saying that I wanted the best for people of all races. Let blacks build Wakanda and Hispanics build Aztlan, but with their own efforts and with no whining about “white privilege.” And we, too, must have our own nation in which we can live according to the ways of our people.



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