Walter T. Brown #fundie

Trans-Neptunian objects may have formed from water, rock and mud ejected into space at the beginning of the Global Flood on earth, a creation scientist announced yesterday.

Walter T. Brown, of the Center for Scientific Creation in Phoenix, Ariz., contacted the Creationism Examiner yesterday (May 3) to inform him of his new hypothesis. He had begun to suspect an earthly origin for trans-Neptunian objects years ago. But he hesitated to declare this on account of the implications for the likely mass of the earth before the Global Flood broke out.

“I cringed even to consider an earthly origin for trans-Neptunian objects,” he said. “Even now I hesitate, because it means the subcrustal ocean, that broke open at the Mid-Oceanic Ridge, was even deeper than I thought. I had guessed it was ten miles deep to the ground. Now I must consider that it was deeper still.”

Brown refers here to his Hydroplate Theory. According to it, the earth once had a subcrustal ocean, ten miles below ground and three quarters of a mile deep. The crust ruptured, and the subcrustal water, under pressure and critically hot, rushed out. This caused the Flood, and the seam where the breakout occurred persists as the Mid-Oceanic Ridge system on the ocean floor.



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