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Davis' home state was Mississippi.

So, you're saying that the northeastern states are TRAITORS for threatening to secede?

The Articles of Confederation were abandoned with the ratification of the United States Constitution; it is no longer the law of the land. The Constitution was ratified by ELEVEN states and only those states became part of the United States. It says that ONLY those states ratifying the Constitution would be part of the United States. South Carolina didn't join for six months. Rhode Island held out for a year. If it was a "perpetual union" a majority would have bound the rest to the agreement. Read the constitution: It says that it's a compact ONLY between the states that ratify it. So much for your "perpetual union".

The Constitution was created BY THE STATES. It's a compact BETWEEN THE STATES.

If any of what you wrote is true, why didn't Lincoln put any of this to the test? He's supposed to be a lawyer, after all. Why didn't his successors put it to the test if they were in the right? They would have been aware of these cases and could have used them against Davis and anyone else they wished to try. Instead, they forced "special taxes", back taxes, new laws, land confiscation, corrupt governments and military occupation. All this resulted in the creation of the KKK and after a government investigation, it was decided BY YANKEES that the "reconstruction" (To reconstruct the south to be like the north) was a disaster and a deal was made to end it by South Carolina using her electoral college votes to elect the Republican presidential candidate and later, the Posse Comitatus act.


Six states had formed their own country and Texas joined them. This was a disaster! Why didn't present (Like a good lawyer should) his evidence to the south, or to the Supreme Court and Congress? Instead, this "great man who did everything to avoid war" immediately decided that WAR was the best option.



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