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Trans people have spoke out about this too. Many go from being feminists to being ex-feminist because of what they learn after living as both genders.

I have a friend who is f to m and has been in and out of therapy regularly from suicidal thoughts. Dude's mind is absolutely blown with how different it is as a man. He has been a male for about 5 years and to this day keeps saying "I don't know how you do it"

I always feel the problem is women, mainly feminists, think they know everything about men. What we like, do, say, talk about, even think or our experiences. The ideas they have they treat as fact, this is why they don't like to listen, because when we speak about our experiences or thoughts it's counter to what they parrot. When feminists listen to men, they realize they are not as correct as they think they are, this is why their reaction is to shut conversations down: man up, mansplaining, what about the menz, feminism is working on that too, and so on. These are all designed to shut the conversation down, not to move it forward.



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