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Wow. So acceptance has nothing to do with petophiles and murderers. Whos the ignorant one? Is the increase just a coincidence like global warming. You give one group acceptance, another will want it. Its like dominos. As long as theres a group to want rights, they will fight for it. Unless you stop the dominos early, you might fail to stop the latter ones. Are murderers going to be accepted. Doubtful. But pedophiles are seeing the acceptance of gays. There are groups of pedophiles who use gay rights as an arguement. There are also beastiality freaks who do also. They all use the same argument. Its "love. Theres nothing wrong with it. They are people too" Right now you think its not going to happen. Theres nothing to worry about. Thats what they thought about gays less then 500 years ago. They existed but they would never have the kind of rights a heterosexual would have... and today?



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