ThouShallObeyKing #sexist

RE: 2 mudsharks date the same 17-year-old father. foids end up fighting to death

Title sums it up. A 17 year old black single father (who worked at Chick-fil-a) ends up dating 2 white foids AT THE SAME TIME. Neither one dump him even after he exposed the fact that he as dating the other foid .. the foids simply got mad at each other, stalked each other, 1 stabs the other one to death, And the other goes to prison. All Because they wanted a 5.5 black kid with a kid


dude this is funny as fugg how primitive brains women have

this CHAD is her path to successful life. the CHAD is money, the chad is good genes for kid, the chad is father and all the other stuff that they need. They know how hard it is to get chad, they know that 90% of men arent as worthy as their Chad

thats why they do this


now chad has to register on our forum cus both his girls dont give him sex anymore (one dead, one jail)

fun part is the sentence "he winked at her and smelt like french fries"

french fries smell neutrally. its neither positive nor negative.

therefore he was just hot and the fact that he smelt like fries magically changed into positive in brain of that woman


i think they were madly in love with him that they were so emotional about it

either he was their first, or thats what chad does to women



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