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Over at PJ Media Stacey Lennox is laughing at the claim that Biden's recent assault accuser is a Republican plant.

Republicans in particular and conservatives in general should be thankful to Tara Reade (formerly Tara Moulton and formerly-formerly Alexandra Tara McCabe). She has helped expose the massive #MeToo hypocrisy: namely that it turns out in the tradeoff between #BelieveAllWoman and #Trump2020 the rape victim needs to be kicked to the curb for the greater good. Her accusations against Biden drive a wedge between the feminist and realpolitik wings of the Democrat Party and decrease the likelihood [changed from "extinguish the possibility" to "decrease the likelihood" I'm afraid... -ed] that the next wild accusation against a Republican will carry much weight with the general public [changed from "maintstream media and general public alike" I'm afraid... -ed]. Biden, already a candidate with a lot of weak spots, has added one more that will still hang around his neck until his final breath (or, of more particular concern, November).

Tara Reade has had to face off, unlike some other recent assault accusers, of an attack by her supposed allies and the mainstream media. Her claims go back decades with corroborating evidence, tie in general with the behaviour (even post-#MeToo) of Joe Biden, and are serious enough that should disqualify him from the party's nomination. So here's the thing...

I don't believe a single fucking word the lying bitch is saying.

I suppose you can call me the anti-Rose McGowan (unless you're the real Rose McGowan, in which case you can just call me). She believes the stories of Julie Swetnick, Judy Munro-Leighton, Christine Blasey Ford, E. Jean Carroll, Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Jill Harth, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart, Karena Virginia, Jessica Drake, Summer Zervos, Leigh Corfman, Beverly Young Nelson. She's never heard of but would believe the stories of Kristin Raworth and Rose Knight. By contrast, I am convinced that all of these bitches are also lying. While re-prosecuting the defamatory lies of all of these liars is outside the purpose of this blogpost, we will briefly delve into the one of the many issues with Tara Reade's claims and why Joe Biden is innocent of the ludicrous claims made against him.


Add it all up, and the odds are that Tara Reade are lying about the finger is pretty good. Add in the fact that at least half of all rape accusations are false, and that when you're dealing with public figures that probably jumps to 90%, I can say with some confidence that Tara Reade is lying. Joe Biden didn't molest her. Joe Biden will molest America though, and while you can't damn him with his attack on Tara Reade you can damn him on his attack on Brent Kavanaugh and for not applying the same stupid rules to himself that he applies to his opponents.

I, on the other hand, equally apply the same rule all the time: most of these bitches are lying. Bitches and lying go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Rape is a serious crime that doesn't leave a dead body as evidence, so they love to lie and claim they were the victim of the former. Don't kid yourself though, if they could get away with accusing men of the latter they would.



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