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(Charlie Kirk)
Watch how many Democrats show up to protest the Supreme Court saving millions of innocent lives and tell me this isn’t a spiritual battle.


My body my choice is back for women who want to kill their babies, but still not for those who do not want to take a possible kill shot !! And, since they claim that men can get pregnant, complete with male pregnant emoji‘s, why aren’t men being offered abortion?
And lastly, I thought calling somebody a woman was an illegal pronoun! Half of the babies in the womb are women, so how is it called female healthcare to chop female babies into pieces?

For sure it is a Spiritual battle and the dems side with darkness and satan.


It is very much a spiritual battle. Satan has been ticked off like crazy since Trump became president. The Demonic-party with its share of Rino republicans are still possessed. Even with Trump out of office, the Demon-rats remain obsessed.

Anyone who can support abortion, especially in the unfettered ways that most of these wack-job leftists do, has either no soul, or has leased theirs to Lucifer.

To ardently support and protest the right not only to kill babies in the womb, but in some cases after the child is birthed is pure evil.



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