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The 'vaxxine passports' are going to fail catastrophically and all of the people who advocated for unethical coercion, segregation and discrimination are going to be the bad guys in the story.

Like they always are.

There are people who still think this is all about health and public safety.

The way some people try to label everyone who doesn't want THIS particular injection an 'anti-vaxxer' is hilarious.

They think it's clever but it really demonstrates their own stupidity, lack of empathy, and inability to comprehend basic nuance.

He spreads vaccine misinformation, and it's clearly done for clicks/views/$. Just boring now

Yeah, it is ME spreading 'vaccine misinformation'. Not the politicians, media pundits, or globo organisations that have lied to you from day one and every day since.

I don't know how you can live with yourself being this disingenuous.

Cognitive dissonance is crazy.

Good morning to everybody, except those who support discrimination, segregation, and unequal treatment of their fellow citizens.

If you support medical tyranny, outright segregation, mistreatment, trampling of human rights, and/or aggression against peaceful people, then you are indeed my enemy.

They've drawn their lines. I will draw mine. I am not the aggressor in this situation. I advocate for liberty.

Globally, governments and their cronies have been imprisoning innocent people, trampling civil liberties, implementing segregation, and disregarding humans rights. For 18 months+

But people would rather talk about transgender bathrooms, what foods are racist, and the weather.

This is pretty damning. I recommend reading the whole article.

So much dodgy stuff has occurred over the past 20 months. I don't think people fully appreciate how serious some of it will prove to be.

More whistleblowers in the medical world are starting to speak up and expose shenanigans.

It feels like this whole thing is unravelling. Slowly, but surely... Give it time.



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