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[5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong More Than You Think]

What a disingenuous manner of presenting sound science. You begin with 911 and birth certificate topics asserting that each is "debunked" when this is untrue. Careful examination of the birth certificate shown to the public showed kerning - a capability that was _impossible_ at the time of the future President's birth. This is not supposition, this is pure fact - pure data - undeniable and solid evidence of tampering and falsification of the record for the public. To an idiot, this fact is irrelevant. One's politics or beliefs have _nothing_ to do with this fact, and the fact is now irrefutable do to the wide distribution of the falsified document. So _you_, using your own twisted logic, present these examples (neither of which has been debunked) as evidence of the unscientific reasoning of people? Interesting. It is precisely the "genetic flaw" - a well-known flaw of logic known to real scientists as opposed to inept pop-art writers LOL.

[After people ignore his drivel]

Not surprised, apparently Cracked, lacking in any real integrity or commitment to publishing truthfully, already took down my critique of this article - namely that it is a lie. One needs only read the first references to 911 and the birth certificate topics, neither of which has ever been debunked. As I mentioned in the previous comment, the birth certificate shown to the public had kerning - a capability that was impossible at the time of the future president's birth. This showed clearly that the document that was shown to us was fake. This is not a matter that is subject to one's politics or beliefs - a simple fact - the very substance of science itself - data, fact. Thus, the examples used in this article represent a terrible effort to deceive (or complete scientific incompetence). Please see the examples provided below in the list of logical fallacies, which identify this article as belonging to the Strawman fallacy.



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