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Based on breaking news and events, it appears that CIA Headquarters located beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland is plotting a wave of nuclear ICBM strikes and/or nuclear EMP attacks in December of 2020, via the quadrant of rockets currently (and slated to be hovering in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO).

The impending nuclear missile attacks will predictably be scapegoated onto China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and/or Saudi Arabia. Said nuclear missile strike(s) will most likely target: a) major international airports, b) capital cities, c) major metropolitan areas, and/or d) live internationally televised sporting events.

Although only conjecture, it appears that the rockets in question are armed with a Payload (Warhead) of Liquid Nitroglycerin which is evidently affixed atop the rockets (i.e., capsules) so they will explode upon impact when they nosedive into their respective targets here on Earth.

As detailed in the June 6, 2019, Truther.org report entitled, ‘DO NUCLEAR BOMBS EXIST? A LAYMAN’S COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS BETWEEN NUCLEAR DETONATIONS & LIQUID NITROGLYCERIN EXPLOSIONS‘, Nitroglycerin is one of the World’s most powerful explosives which appears to be both scientific and semantical cover for nuclear explosions.

Although huge mushroom cloud-like explosions do exist in reality, they appear to be the result of exploding Liquid Nitroglycerin, not thermonuclear fusion. Unbeknownst to virtually all of humanity, Nitroglycerin is one of the World’s most powerful and hottest detonating high explosives which coincidentally mimics nuclear explosions, exactly.



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