consciousness #conspiracy

Last night when i went to go and sleep, i lay my head down on the pillow, and not long after that, i had an extremely lucid vision.

I sometimes ask the universe to reveal past life stuff to me, in order for me to figure things out in my life.

The vision was i was looking into a space ship of sorts on the main deck, but the setting was on a rocky/sandy planet of sorts, and the ship landed there. But this vision was after the ship landed.

However, i looked at a reptilian being, busy at the main control panel irght in front, more accurately a being that looked almost exactly like one of those creatures in the alien movies, with the long head.
He was harvesting humans, collecting them, more specifically for their brains, to implant into another dead entity/being, for them to have intelligence and life.

It's very similiar to the movie Skyline where the the machines, plucked out the brains of humans and inserted them into machines, to give the machines life.

However, what struck me is that as soon as i saw this reptilian being, i panicked and the energy of the being immediately envelloped me.

At first i thought, what the hell ? Then i just brought infinite love to the situation, and although the energy did not immediately go away, i felt more at peace. And then i realised this was me i was looking at in a past life.

I had previous clues as to that i was a reptilian in a past life, however, this was full on confirmation simply because i recogised the energy and the being i was looking at....

damn...... poor humans..... they were victims of me harvesting them....



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