Atlantean Civilization via Erena Velazquez #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are Atlantean Civilization sending high dimensional waves to humans who are still asleep, to wake them up, and not to miss their chance to participate in Ascension.

Our appearance in this time is not coincidental, we were waiting for this opportunity for a long time. We lived on your planet millions years ago in Atlantis, which sank into the ocean. Many versions of the stories about our existence have been written, Plato was the first one, who mentioned about Atlantis in his writings.

Atlantis was built on island for safety reasons to protect ourselves from outworlders and other entities. We reached the six dimension in our development. We used a lot different type of Crystals, they are alive like you and us. Everything in the Cosmos is alive. We used them to power and protect Atlantis.
The egos can take the best of any society, and one day a catastrophic event took place, our beautiful and full of lights Atlantis sank to the ocean. The Dark Soul Atlanteans purposely destroyed the foundation, which gave support to keep the island above water. Most of the survivors left your planet and found a new home in the Star System, where the sky changes its colors, and we can stay hidden from the unfriendly entities.

So far, no one disclosed correctly the location of Atlantis on your planet, only we and the Universal Truth Keepers know the correct place. For now, it needs to continue to be a secret. The past needs to be the past, it is a reason, why it’s the past. We don’t want that humanity repeat our mistakes by letting the emotions like judgment, anger, jealousy and etc. get the best of your society.

You are the Beacons of Light and need to save your beautiful Gaia. Get united globally to defeat the control of the Darkness and bring a New Era to this part of Milky Galaxy. We believe in your victory and we send our deep Love and Strength to Humankind. Thank you Universal Channel.



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