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impressive results for chaos magick experiment, looking for suggestions for improvement

I have been practicing Chaos Magick for about a year now. After stumbling on Foolish Fishes Quanum magic video, I was inspired to craft a short experiment to see if doing a chaos magick ritual could impact real world outcomes within reason. I settled on the idea of filling a cup with 10 coins shaking it and recording the results of each shake. I originally set out to do 3 sets, 1 control, 1 with a short ritual, and 1 with a normal ritual.

The results: I. Control: No Ritual 58 Tails 42 Heads

II. Micro Ritual: Intention: Tails winning Total flips: 49 Tails 51 Heads Result: Failure

III: Full Ritual: (10 minute duration, a complete ritual I have used several times before) Total Flips: 57 Tails, 43 Heads Result: Success

After the success of the first set, I decided I shouldn't make it that easy and the sample size is too small to make this feel like an accomplishment. VI: Full Ritual, Including additional sets: Total Flips: 226 Tails 174 Heads Result: Continued Success

”All you did was (on the 400 set) achieve a 5% increase (roughly) in the number of heads. This seems statistically insignificant”

It's statistically significant, P(H>=226) is 0.00534. in fact that is quite a strong result as far as these kind of experiments go.

Used to do experiments like this all the time with my friend. I don't have the data at the moment but we ended up with insanely statistically significant results. Like nine sigma results over thousands of trials.

You got a quite respectable p < 0.006, almost 3 sigma.

Look into the PEAR experiments.

Thanks for referencing PEAR! I had never heard of it before and seems interesting



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