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Jews: "Jewish control of the Federal Reserve is an anti-Semitic myth"

Also Jews: *brags about how Jews founded and run the Federal Reserve*

For those who don't know, the Federal Reserve bank is what controls almost all of the entire world's wealth. It's the single-most powerful institution on the planet, and the root of almost all of the world's evil.

( @FFG22 )
@Nature_and_Race End the “fed”, screw the Jew!

( @Professional_Noticer )
@Nature_and_Race only lazy low IQ fools believe Jewish control over the fed is a myth. It literally only takes a few seconds to look up who's been heading it since it's inception. I just want to shake them incessantly until they wake up!

( @David_Watson )
@Nature_and_Race The "Federal" Reserve is just a front organization for the Rothschild Dynasty.

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( @xmax65 )
@Nature_and_Race You can be a massive anti-Islam bigot, but don't you dare whisper a negative word about Judaism.

( @rotifer1066 )
@xmax65 @Nature_and_Race
The Zionists did to Muslims what they do to kids in Western countries, just different specifics.
Indoctrinating younger generations into violent terrorist activities through wahhabism,
Like Western kids are indoctrinated with Marxism and Antifa/blm groups.
Then the Rothschild Zionist mafia and Israel uses the young islamist terrorists to destabilize countries so Israel can take them over and plunder them and kill their people.
And America pays for all of it!
Then the Zionist media tells Americans Muslim bad, while ZIONISTS destroy America.
The American military is still being used by the Zionists in the Middle East.
No one seems to wake up



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