Various Incels #racist #sexist

News Bunch of holes write an opinion piece on incels

The Santa Barbara perpetrator (who had a white father and Asian mother) is presented as evidence that Asian men are viewed as less attractive in Western countries. These beliefs are presented as justification for the violent acts he committed, faulting women and a “degenerate society” that allowed for emasculation of Asian men and “race-mixing.”

They literally call ethnicels white supremacists jfl

That shit it's crazy. You criticize women for something and they accuse you of holding that same belief "Being ethnic is bad because women clearly prefer white men" --> "Omg you're a white suprematist"

Well they can do hit pieces on incels all they want. The fact is that none of those white foid writers (OR their immediate social circle of white foid friends WOULD EVER date a man of color). I may be a ricecel, BUT YOU, Megan Kelly​, Alex DiBranco​, Dr. Julia R. DeCook​

are a bunch racist hypocritical foids. End of the story. You know it as well. Asian, Indian, Black (doing a bit better nowadays), Hispanic, and Middle eastern males AREN'T even human in your eyes.

I am a currycel that hates whites (mostly, there are some good whites). I also acknowledge JBW, does that make me a white supremacist?

The majority incels are literally calling themselves low value inferior scum all the time, but somehow this genius gender studies Phd concluded that our beliefs stem from a male supremacist culture. I guess you don't need a triple digit IQ to be a gender studies professor.



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