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I know that a house is evidence of intelligent design.
I know that something much more complicated, like the human brain, is evidence of design by a Super-intelligence.
I know that symbiotic relationships in nature and an ecoSYSTEM that renews itself, demonstrates a mind that is incomparable.
I know that the fossil record does NOT support evolution.
I know that life could not have begun on its own, amply demonstrated by the Miller/Urey experiments.
I know that mutations do NOT improve any organism, making them superior to the natural type, amply demonstrated by the Max Planck experiments.
I know that evolution is not amenable to experimentation, but is based solely upon belief.
I know that natural selection is a myth.
I know that evolution is a belief system - a religion.
I know that research on evolution is done primarily for the money.
I know animals produce only their own “kind” and can never “become” another, regardless of the duration.
I know that there is a God in Heaven who will soon take over rulership of the earth.
I know that God made the human body perfect and it has been corrupted by sin.
I know that anyone who believes that we humans are responsible for our own existence is an idiot.
Wait - my bad! I should have asked you.
Are we humans responsible for our own existence?

Geez! I better stop now. Rile me up and I’ll show you just how much more I know.



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