Boskov01 #dunning-kruger #pratt

Vaush is on my auto-block list on YT. Whenever I find someone, usually leftist trolls, who show their subscriptions on their channels, and they're subbed to Marxist Mental Midgets like Vaush, Sam Sedar, The Young Turks, Three Arrows, Trey Crowder, Ring of Fire, and others, I immediately block them without hesitation as well as downvote them, and ignore them. I'll report them when they make threats but I do not engage with them, ever!

I'm done with listening to Marxist view points. My mind is shut to them. They're the side that advocates for pedophilia, perverts, child grooming, baby murder, starvation, genocide and so much more. So why should I bother listening to people who think Marxist Mouthpieces like Vaush or Sedar are bastions of intellect and wisdom?



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