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<bio of the Advanced/Alien Contact Intelligence Organization website founder>
Jessica Arael Marrocco is a psychic/intuitive, medium, past-life regressionist, Akashic record reader, radio host, podcaster, and owner of the radio station called AndronETalksRadio. com.

Jessica was introduced to the ACIO and Intergalactic Council since the age of 5. She met Peter the Insider in 2015, when she began to identify her involvement with being a part the Numbers Group, as number 12. At this time, Peter the Insider informed her that the records showed she was also involved as a psychic in all of these military contractors/corporations, with the SSP (Secret Space Program), MCC (Mars Colony Corporation), Kruger, Labyrinth Group and a galactic Liaison. She communicates with the Council of 5 and reveals disclosure on her show with Peter the Insider and the 12th Division ACIO.

Through further research, she also discovered that she was connected to the 6th Division, Cicada 3301. she assisted the MURG Group when they were recovering from the problems of Monarch and Umbrella Corporations mistreatments and was formerly used as a mother for the Monarch Milabs Refugees, where they recognized her.

Some of the unfortunate connections related to her being pulled into the Murkoff Milab, as the most important core part of Walrider hive mind, at the approximate age of 6.

Her abilities are described as a multi-dimensional seer and remote viewer. Jessica has compiled over 400 shows and many discussions regarding, the paranormal, non-ordinary space, current events, disclosure, meditations and more.

ACIO Agency #crackpot #conspiracy acio-agency.org

The reality is that the Nazis infiltrated and completely took control of the whole United States government and media after the end of World War II. They themselves call this phenomenon the 4th Empire. However, the real facts behind the curtain are even more threatening. At the poles of the Earth, the most inhospitable parts of the world, there are huge subhuman species and a highly developed tangle of big underground cities, which they themselves call the 5th Empire, what is their real home. Of these two centers, they infect people's minds through mainstream media as tools of highly sophisticated propaganda.

However, we have good news, we can be the happiest in the universe knowing that this scenario no longer needs to be actual for us, because we have been liberated from this horrible timeline. Fortunately, this dangerous scenario belongs to previous context of existence and old matrix that we disconnected from since 26th April 2020. We are experiencing the residue of the former reality that is still lingering a bit from the separation.

At this present time, we are merging with another reality where there is abundance and an absence of any kind of inequities. In this reality, there is no poverty. The people will not have to work extremely hard (16 – 18 hours per day) for just 1 RM (Reich Mark) or one slice of bread and one glass of water. All people will have their basic needs met. They will have flats or houses, where they can live. They are earning enough money to buy food and beverage. They are not jealous of each other when someone lives in a small apartment and drives an old VW and another one lives in big house and drives a brand new luxurious Mercedes.

ACIO Agency #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot acio-agency.org

Peter was born in 1970 in Slovakia, which is a part of former Czechoslovakia. At an early age he had his first contact or encounter with aliens (approximately around 5 years old). Growing up in former Czechoslovakia, he had also encountered many strange events regarding unstable electromagnetic fields within the region, which added to his experiential knowledge of non-ordinary phenomenon’s.

Peter immigrated to Western Germany in 1988 and he was immediately recruited to the special army unit in the secret NATO military forces.

By 1990, Peter became a member of ACIO<Alien Contact Intelligence Organization>. Soon after his entrance into the ACIO, his first encounter with war began when he was involved in the civil war of former Yugoslavia in the Balkan European region in 1991. There were numerous other projects/missions over the years but due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of the projects, he is limited to share the depth of his work experience with the public.

After being employed by the ACIO for 5 years, he was offered a position in the 12th division of the ACIO. His job description included, but not limited to, monitoring the presence of Aliens and their purpose for being on Earth.

After 20 years Peter became the director of the 12th division of the ACIO and by the 28th year with this Department, he has been launched into secret space missions. His experiences include the migration between different timelines, realities, spaces, universes, dimensions and megaverses in order to help to keep our reality and world together.