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The reality is that the Nazis infiltrated and completely took control of the whole United States government and media after the end of World War II. They themselves call this phenomenon the 4th Empire. However, the real facts behind the curtain are even more threatening. At the poles of the Earth, the most inhospitable parts of the world, there are huge subhuman species and a highly developed tangle of big underground cities, which they themselves call the 5th Empire, what is their real home. Of these two centers, they infect people's minds through mainstream media as tools of highly sophisticated propaganda.

However, we have good news, we can be the happiest in the universe knowing that this scenario no longer needs to be actual for us, because we have been liberated from this horrible timeline. Fortunately, this dangerous scenario belongs to previous context of existence and old matrix that we disconnected from since 26th April 2020. We are experiencing the residue of the former reality that is still lingering a bit from the separation.

At this present time, we are merging with another reality where there is abundance and an absence of any kind of inequities. In this reality, there is no poverty. The people will not have to work extremely hard (16 – 18 hours per day) for just 1 RM (Reich Mark) or one slice of bread and one glass of water. All people will have their basic needs met. They will have flats or houses, where they can live. They are earning enough money to buy food and beverage. They are not jealous of each other when someone lives in a small apartment and drives an old VW and another one lives in big house and drives a brand new luxurious Mercedes.



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