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The whole pack of them are working for Hell.

The Left, all of it — entertainment media, politicians, Hollywood studio liberals, screenwriters, actors, college professors and administrators, NGO's, social justice warriors, liberal philanthropists, nutty philosophers, news media, warped sociologists, man-caused climate change cheerleaders, music industry executives, mind-rot authors, atheist scientists, you name it — the whole lot of them and anyone else who would fit under the anti-God umbrella, they collectively comprise the Luciferian Left. And that is to say the ruling elites of the culture who reject God and morality and seek to destroy any vestige of decency left in society.

It has taken them a couple generations, but they have managed to accomplish just about everything on their bucket list you could imagine. In just the space of my lifetime, we have accepted no-fault divorce, contraception, abortion, shattered families, single parenthood, test tube babies, designer babies, surrogate motherhood, open homosexuality, instant-access pornography, the corruption of higher "education," same-sex marriage, a giant welfare state, the destruction of the middle class, crippling debt, a "no one is accountable" approach, yet everyone goes to Heaven, there is no Hell — most people respond they are basically good people.
[Long screed about Harvey Weinstein here]
his whole Luciferian leftist mentality has more than crept into the Church. Think about the gay priest sex abuse cases where psychologically disturbed men were accepted into the seminary and then proceeded to rape teenage boys by the thousands. What did leaders do — promoted them, protected them, lied about them, covered for them, looked the other way, pleaded ignorance, then when finally caught and trapped, pretended they were ignorant, not vigilant enough.

And now, these same men are sitting atop the largest meltdown of the Church in world history, liquidating the patrimony of millions of immigrants, allowing liars in collars and miters to pervert the Faith, corrupt young minds, destroy the liturgy, keep silent on the greatest holocaust in the history of humanity, advance sodomy as a gift from God, convert the Church into a giant social justice agency and so on. They promote much of the same anti-God agenda as does the Luciferian Left — man-centered, climate change, world peace, destabilization of countries in the name of fighting poverty, backing the distribution of population control programs with government funds.

Where exactly is the line between these two worlds? Evil is evil whether it wears a swastika or a hammer and sickle or hides behind a hypocritical, do-good cultural agenda or dresses up in Church robes to destroy that same Church from within by teaming up with evil agents in the name of good.

Can you imagine, for just a moment, what the Last Day is going to look like? Dear God! All the sins and crimes against God and Man all seen together at the same time and same place for the entire human race and then the Final Judgment — all this evil, intended evil, the plotted overthrow of good, the perversion of truth, the trillions of trillions upon trillions of mortal sins committed by tens of billions of humans, many of whom worked tirelessly to normalize and establish these evils as actual goods.

Thank God we have a reasonable hope that all men are saved. Right!

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[Comment on article critical of Cardinal Dolan's distaste for Donald Trump's remarks at Al Smith dinner]

Oh America, what has happened to you?! I can't imagine what Saint Paul will say to you, what kind of letter will be the letter to the Church of America, written by Saint Paul's own hands? What will the Lord, our Lord, will say to you, that offers Himself everyday, in body and soul, in your altars? Have you changed Christ for what?! Just for some coins in your pocket like the worst of traitors? Have you noticed the innocent blood in your hands?! Could you buy your soul with it?! Do you know that you too are suppose to be the bride, the beautiful bride of Our Lord, redeemed with His own Blood? Why do you prefer to wallow in hideous sins within the comfort of your cowardice?! Do you know you are selling the Lord to get Him crucified again?! How much more innocent blood will be spilled? You were suppose to say at the wedding: Yes My God, I love You with all my heart, my mind and my soul. But you are shouting Barrabas! Why are you running like the pigs to the cliff?!

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And The Angels Sang #fundie churchmilitant.com

But she [Hillary Clinton] invoked Pope Francis' global warming to feed her agenda but won't invoke his abortion and homosexual stance? Dolan is a traitor to the faith - they want that cash cow called the Refugee Resettlement Program to stay in place and if Trump gets elected - buh bye Elsie the Cow - don't let the barn door hit you on the way out, Your Eminence! These bishops are an EMBARRASSMENT TO THE FAITH AND THE CHURCH WORLDWIDE! Trump - who's not a Catholic but has a running mate who is a baptized Catholic (and I dare say a better Catholic than Dolan!) is surely leading Trump in the faith because word is that Trump has been affected by this campaign personally and they pray together and faith is entering his life more than it has in his past - we need to acknowledge this with Trump if true. It took A LOT of fortitude to do what he did in front of that wolves den and to stand up for GOD and TRUTH - as even Trump said early on in his speech - "...and nobody can compete with God - is that correct? Nobody." turning to Dolan, referring to St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Ave being build by the hands of God vs his 5th Ave property that was built by HIS hands. It was subtle, but forceful too - that NOTHING is above God and nobody is, either - not even Trump. Yes, that IS humble, like he said is one of his greatest traits early on in his speech, too. I don't think people always see that about Trump, but he DOES acknowledge such things, unlike our own bishops and the DEMS who NEVER seem to sin or have need to apologize - just ignore it and somehow that makes it such that it never even happened (or blame it on someone or something else).

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(In response to an article claiming a communion wafer that developed a red spot tested positive for DNA.)

Pax Christi. hm, how to interpret such....miracles(?)? From God or Devil? What the Word of God says-and not Pope, or undeducated theologians? In Mat,Lk, Mk and St.Paul (1 Cor 11) one reads "body"/soma (Greek) and in John 6- "flesh"/sarx (Greek); therefore, if we see such tricks with matter/flesh then...2Thess 2:9 comes to mind! To remind, except Legnica case of recent "miracle" more famous is Sokolka Podlaska in Bialystok Diocese. It seems matter can be controlled in some way by Devil (UFOs!) but never soul (or spirit). Jahve@me are checking the knowledge of Word's God;ps. since 1991 I have been attacked by Devil's agent in the Church starting with Fr.prof A.Guindon O.M.I at Stt.paul.s University in Ottawa, Canada; later in Warsaw: the riots at Holy Mass on Jan 27 I 2001 after my Words (Echo of Word in Neocatechumenat) and the criminal case , art.195.1 Polish Criminal Code; RC celebrant fell at the altar and ended up at Emergency UNit after refusing to give me a Communion! Theological and philsophical idiots(not knowing st.Aristotle, K.Godel and A.Tarski) of World Univ@Church are blocking my divine Words.....very often for the last and eternal time (in Hell).Have you read on my coming in Bible and Jesus teaching on Son of Man?

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Today is the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court's diabolical Roe v. Wade ruling. We'd like to present this different way of looking at this most somber of memorials.

It's a truncated version of a special we produced back in 2007 looking at not just the evil of abortion, but also its devastating economic impact. There is more than one way to calculate the number of abortions. You can obviously count the numbers, and they are horrifying: nearly 58,000,000 and counting.

But you can also look at this from the perspective of how many Americans that would otherwise be here are not here — and that number is even more horrifying. Abortion has been going strong in America since 1973; that's 43 years ago. Statistically speaking, each woman has her first child by the time she is 25.

So when you stop and consider that abortion has been around in America for so long now, that we have passed a milestone in the number of female babies that were aborted who, had they lived, would have by now had their first child, at least. Church Militant, as we did in our "Cost of Abortion" special report back in 2007, went back and updated the numbers.

From 1990 and back to 1973, 12,700,000 female babies were aborted. Had they not been aborted, they would have on average each given birth themselves by now to their own child. These "never were conceived" children would have today been part of the total U.S. population, so they must be counted as missing.

These are called "ghost" numbers, or ghost abortions — people who can never be considered because their mothers were not allowed to be born. But in any accounting of the total effects of abortion, of course they must be included.

So when you add the total number of Americans directly killed by abortion since 1973 — almost 58 million — to the total who are not here because of abortion indirectly, the impact on the American population is 70 million fewer Americans because of abortion.

Now take that number and plug it into an economic variable called the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita. That number takes the total worth of a country and divides it by the total population to place a dollar equivalent on each person: How much economic activity does each person produce and consume?

It includes everything — houses, cars, appliances, movies, manufacturing, everything — every single dollar in the economy. When you divide the total wealth of America by its current population, you get a GDP per capita of about $54,000 — which means that the total contribution of each American to the overall economy is calculated by the United States government at $54,000.

Now when you marry up that number with the total number of Americans not in the economy owing to abortion — which is not just 58 million, but rather 70 million — the economic impact is near beyond comprehension.

70 million people times $54,000 is just a couple hundred billion dollars shy of $4 trillion.

$4 trillion missing from the US economy because of abortion. Obviously we aren't boiling this diabolical evil down to just money, but in all the horrible ways abortion affects the culture, this is one that gets little attention.

In addition to the spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical toll of abortion, there is also a financial toll. Your taxes are higher, things cost more, the economy is weaker — all because of abortion. As we said at the end of our "Cost of Abortion" special almost nine years ago, if a people won't reject abortion because of God, or natural law, or pure logic, at the very least reject it because of the wrecking of the economy.

And think about this: Planned Parenthood gets hundreds of millions of dollars each year of your tax dollars. They use that money to promote and advance and keep alive a killing apparatus never before matched in all of human history.

And in terms of pure economics, their spending of that money year after year gotten from U.S. taxpayers has the impact of hurting the economy in a devastating way. Planned Parenthood and the whole abortion establishment should be made to pay back the trillions and trillions of dollars that their work has sucked out of the economy. The politicians that hand that money over to them should be arrested, tried and thrown in prison for crimes against humanity.

They are building their crumbling empire on the bones of small children and bleeding you dry in the process. Not one of them should ever be allowed to see the light of day ever again.

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Nazism & Gay Rights: Key Parallels

In 1939, a young German exile wrote a book about how the Nazis took over his country. The manuscript was placed in a drawer and forgotten until his death 60 years later, when it was found by his son and became a best-seller under the title Defying Hitler.

It was an amazing discovery because the author, Sebastian Haffner, had by then grown into one of Germany's most popular journalists. The narrative is also a gem of social commentary, showing how historical circumstance, political inertia and moral cowardice combined to produce one of humanity's greatest disasters. This article will follow his work, using Haffner's insights as a roadmap for the rise of homofascism in the United States. There are at least seven key parallels between the two eras.

1) The first similarity between our current times and Germany in the 1930s is an agenda-driven use of the media. Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels had a dark genius for supporting films, radio programs, books and newspapers favorable to the Nazi cause. He also was a master at making Hitler's support look larger than life, scheduling him to speak in small venues that would result in dense crowds. The pro-gay forces have done the same thing in the United States by quietly promoting sodomy in countless movies and television shows for the last 20–30 years (Philadelphia, Will & Grace, Brokeback Mountain, to name a few). Like the Nazis, modern gays have overrepresented the size and popular support of their subculture.

2) Hitler and the homofascists also benefited from a collapse of opposition to their evil. Haffner describes this situation in March 1933, when the Third Reich came into being:

There was a League of Communist Front-Line Veterans and a centrist association called Reischbanner with a black, red and gold flag, the colors of the Weimar Republic. It was organized on military lines by a coalition of parties including the Social Democrats, had arms and millions of members, and was explicitly intended to hold the SA (Nazis) in check. During the whole period this association remained completely invisible, not a glimmer. It disappeared without a trace, as though it had never existed … .

The officers of the Reischbanner showed not the slightest opposition when their facilities were taken over by the SA. The Stahlhelm, the army of German nationalists, permitted itself to be absorbed and then dissolved, bit by bit. They grumbled but offered no resistance. There was not one single example of energetic defense, of courage or principle. There was only panic, flight and desertion. In March 1933 millions were ready to fight the Nazis. Overnight they found themselves without leaders... .

This terrible moral bankruptcy of the opposition leadership is a fundamental characteristic of the March "revolution" of 1933. It made the Nazi victory exceedingly easy. (pp. 132–33)

Replace these Germans with Americans like Indiana governor Mike Pence, Washington archbishop Cardinal Wuerl, New York archbishop cardinal Egan, or Knights of Columbus supreme knight Carl Anderson. Our leaders have also been missing in action on issue after issue — divorce, contraception, abortion, civil unions, same-sex marriage — making the victory of evil in this country exceedingly easy as well. Their cowardice was even worse because Nazis had guns and killed people, while our leaders retreated without even a whiff of physical danger.

3) Another similarity between the German fascists and homofascists is restriction on speech to hide the nature of their evil. This passage is relevant to our times:

While they [Nazis] were systematically torturing and murdering their defenseless victims, they daily declared in fine, noble words that not a single hair on anyone's head would be harmed. … Indeed, only a few weeks after the atrocities began, a law was passed that forbade anyone, under pain of several penalties, to claim, even in the privacy of his own home, that atrocities were taking place. (p. 127)

Of course, homofascists seldom use violence in our times. But they're quick to destroy a person's career or reputation. And they're perfectly willing to use laws to restrict criticism as hate speech. They also want to ban conversion therapy, keeping individuals from receiving treatment for same-sex attraction. Just like the Nazis, today's homosexualists want to shut down opposition speech.

4) The forces of sodomy resemble their anti-semitic cousins in the ability of a small, well-organized minority to control a malleable but disorganized majority. The Nazi party, after all, never won more than 40 percent of the national vote in Germany. In this way it resembles gay marriage, which has become the law of our land despite losing referendum after referendum. Knowing they cannot win in honest debates, they advance their agenda using any means necessary.

5) There's also a peculiar combination of rule-breaking with normalcy. In Germany, for instance, Nazi street violence was explained away as "revolutionary excess" but occurred with the blessing of the state. As Haffner says:

[The Nazis] acted from a position of complete security, under orders and with strict discipline. The external picture was one of revolutionary terror: a wild unkempt mob breaking into homes at night and dragging defenseless victims to the torture chambers. The internal process was repressive terror: cold, calculated, offical orders, directed by the state and carried out under the full protection of the police and the armed forces. ... [W]hat happened was a nightmarish reversal of normal circumstances: robbers and murderers acting as the police force, enjoying the full panoply of state power, their victims treated as criminals, proscribed and condemned to death in advance. (pp. 125–26)

Killing defenseless people was technically a crime in Germany, just as sodomy once was illegal in most of the United States. But violators of the law went unpunished over time, and soon the criminals ran the country.

Meanwhile, innocent people are attacked as if they were felons. In Germany, they were Jews and opposition leaders like the Social Democrats. Today, they're bakers, florists and owners of bed-and-breakfasts.

And, just as street thugs became the new law and order in Nazi Germany, we have pedophiles in the United States writing sex ed curricula and gay judges like Elena Kagan and Vaughn Walker ruling on marriage cases.

6) It's also interesting that homosexuals continue their pride marches after gaining acceptance. This resembles the Nazis, who marched with uniforms, flags and torches well after 1933. In both cases, the demonstrations serve to intimidate opposition and to rally their own numbers. They're totally different from protests to achieve a specific outcome, like ending segregation, war or abortion.