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The "NEW AGE" is just the return of the Babylonian Roman "DARK AGE" orchestrated by the Jesuit Military Order Of Rome! Make no mistake about it! There is NOTHING "New" about it! All its teachings are occult and originate in ancient Babylon. Pantheistic belief is at the core of these demon originated doctrines which teach the "deification" of man.

For nearly 1000 years Rome held absolute temporal and spiritual power over humanity. Men lived in fear and were slaves to the Papal world dictator ANTI-CHRIST! The Jesuits are deceiving the world again with the false promise of "freedom" through "oneness" both politically and spiritually.

​The mantra pushed today by agents of Rome is "CO-EXIST" and ECUMENISM! Unity and a false "Golden Age" are being promised but it is simply slavery in a different form; a return to the tyranny of Nimrod's ancient autocratic kingdom of BA-BEL ruled by the final Papal antichrist!

Reader BEWARE!

Learn about the Jesuit's Neo Pagan, New Age agenda, (UN Agenda 30) which was birthed in the 19th century occult revival through Theosophy. The core beliefs enshrined in the New Age movement are the idea of an "enlightened" teacher or guru which is to appear and lead humanity into a "Golden Age" of man. Man is to be deified and realize all the hopes of humanity for "peace" "love" and "unity" of a brotherhood of man "without" God! This system will be very short lived because Jesus Christ will return and destroy the anti-christ and bring his evil empire to an end!

Darkness is Falling #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut darknessisfalling.com


1) Create a smokescreen to operate behind covertly (bogeyman to blame for every evil) - the Jews, Illuminati, Freemasons, Bankers, CFR, Bilderberg, CIA etc., etc in order to DISTRACT the people's attention away from ROME.

2) Erode and destroy all autonomous authorities (nations) not subject to Rome via subterfuge, intrigue, sophistry, revolution and war.

3) Usurp control over world military forces, intelligence agencies, all politics and banking.

4) Appear pious and virtuous while covertly undermining the morality of the nations with vice of every kind including pornography, gambling and drugs.

5) Institute and control an education system of "learning against learning" in order to "dumb down" children, implement "mind control," materialism and a belief in "evolution" and "scientism." (NASA)

6) Attack and deride Biblical "truth" through Hollywood & mainstream media (MSM) to destroy all "faith" in God via "Scientism" (false science)

7) Promote world "unity" and "ecumenism" in order to create a "one world government and religion" and usher in a worldwide "fascist" system.

8) De-populate the planet using abortion, vaccines, GMO foods, fluoridation of water supplies, processed (fake) foods, glyphosate, weather and bio-warfare under the guise of UN Agenda 21 and WHO "save the planet" Green programs.

9) Through advanced bio-technology (trans-humanism) offer a FALSE "immortality" through implants in the brain, (neural lace) and hand, (RFID chips) as well as "transfer of consciousness" uploaded into a "synthetic body." This will result in total "POSSESSION" (the HIVE-MIND) and CONTROL by the final Antichrist world DICTATOR.

* This first choice (taking a technological MARK) will result in the loss of the human "soul" for all eternity = DAMNATION = separation from God in HELL forever!

10) This second choice is the BIG ONE!!!! The Jesuits are carrying out SATAN's No 1 objective and that is to DECEIVE all people into DISOBEDIENCE if that were possible with receiving a MARK = a FALSE CHRIST IMAGE. In the Bible this is described as the IMAGE of the BEAST! Revelation 13:14

This false Messiah/ Saviour/ Hero god IMAGE that people will construct for themselves and WORSHIP as GOD is NOT Biblical and deludes them into believing they are SAVED and going to HEAVEN but in fact is taking them to ETERNAL DAMNATION! This is the FALSE GOSPEL DECEPTION the Lord Jesus Christ warned about! The WIDE ROAD to DESTRUCTION!

Darkness is Falling #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot darknessisfalling.com

In 1776 AD the Jesuits, which had been suppressed by Pope Clement IV in 1773 AD covertly commissioned Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit trained professor in Roman Canon Law to form the "ILLUMINATI," a secret society in Bavaria. This is another "very" significant development in the history of the Catholic Church because the purpose of the Illuminati was to continue the Jesuit operations under another name. The purpose of the Illuminati was to take "control" of all the secret societies and criminal organisations, in particular, Freemasonry and later the Mafia which had begun to spread all over the world and were a threat to the power of the Catholic Church. Today, there is all kinds of sensational speculation about the Illuminati, most of which is incorrect. CONTROL by COVERT operations has always been the "modus operandi" of the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church.

Since 1776 AD an extensive "brotherhood" of secret cabals has insinuated its influence and control over every world government and social institution that exists. Via this network, of corrupt round table groups, secret societies, criminal gangs and intelligence agencies the affairs of the world are directed under the control of the Black Pope and the Black Nobility families at the top of the hierarchy.

*Note The suppression of the Jesuits marks the total transfer of power from the White Pope to the Black Pope. When the Jesuits re-emerge in 1814 AD, it is EVIDENT to the scholar that THEY are IN CONTROL of the Vatican and all secret societies under the Jesuit alias, "Illuminati." After this time the Jesuits are the secret but TRUE rulers in Rome and the Pope becomes merely a public FIGUREHEAD who obeys their orders or is removed. A succession of murdered popes from this date onward indicates this very clearly! As of 2015 a Jesuit Pope is in power and the takeover of the church by the Luciferian Jesuits is complete.

This is all documented!

In modern history, the key to world control is PAPAL control of the U.S. government and it's extensive military which has 800 bases in 70 countries. War will be waged against all who resist Rome! All world intelligence agencies like the CIA, MI5, KGB and Mossad report to and are controlled from Rome.

​The church also has a number of knightly orders such as the Knights of Columbus and the Knights of Malta which control the banking and military sectors under the jurisdiction of the Jesuits.