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The "NEW AGE" is just the return of the Babylonian Roman "DARK AGE" orchestrated by the Jesuit Military Order Of Rome! Make no mistake about it! There is NOTHING "New" about it! All its teachings are occult and originate in ancient Babylon. Pantheistic belief is at the core of these demon originated doctrines which teach the "deification" of man.

For nearly 1000 years Rome held absolute temporal and spiritual power over humanity. Men lived in fear and were slaves to the Papal world dictator ANTI-CHRIST! The Jesuits are deceiving the world again with the false promise of "freedom" through "oneness" both politically and spiritually.

​The mantra pushed today by agents of Rome is "CO-EXIST" and ECUMENISM! Unity and a false "Golden Age" are being promised but it is simply slavery in a different form; a return to the tyranny of Nimrod's ancient autocratic kingdom of BA-BEL ruled by the final Papal antichrist!

Reader BEWARE!

Learn about the Jesuit's Neo Pagan, New Age agenda, (UN Agenda 30) which was birthed in the 19th century occult revival through Theosophy. The core beliefs enshrined in the New Age movement are the idea of an "enlightened" teacher or guru which is to appear and lead humanity into a "Golden Age" of man. Man is to be deified and realize all the hopes of humanity for "peace" "love" and "unity" of a brotherhood of man "without" God! This system will be very short lived because Jesus Christ will return and destroy the anti-christ and bring his evil empire to an end!



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