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This June 21, 2024, the Montargis public prosecutor's office announces that it has taken action following the broadcast of an episode of the flagship program “Envoyé Spécial”, as part of the early legislative elections of June 30 and July 7. The extract in question is the one which shows a couple of supporters of the National Rally covering their neighbor with racist insults: Divine Kinekela, a black caregiver. The couple allegedly threw insults at him like “bonobo” or “we’re at home, go to the doghouse” followed by monkey noises

In a press release, the public prosecutor Jean-Cédric Graux justifies his decision: “The words and behaviors observed could be criminalized as public and non-public insults of a racial nature, public provocation to discrimination and violence without incapacity of a racial nature, the Montargis public prosecutor's office took up these facts” The latter also specifies that the maximum penalty incurred is three years' imprisonment and 45 euros

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The Envoyé Spécial report broadcast Thursday evening on France 2 continues to provoke reactions within the political class. This report, filmed in Montargis (Loiret), with a view to the legislative elections, highlighted a tense neighborhood situation involving supporters of the National Rally (RN)

In an interview published on Saturday June 22 in La Voix du Nord, Marine Le Pen, RN candidate in the 11th constituency of Pas-de-Calais, defended the comments made by a white couple of RN sympathizers towards their neighbor, a black caregiver, Divine Kinkela. The couple used the expression “go to the doghouse”, which Marine Le Pen does not consider racist. She criticizes the Envoyé Spécial report, calling the program "ultra-politicized on the far left" and criticizes the media for not reporting that Divine Kinkela is, according to her, a communist activist with pan-African supremacist beliefs

Marine Le Pen goes on to say that "the question is whether 'go to your niche' is not a popular expression of people who hate each other." She emphasizes that the interpretation of these remarks as being racist is linked to the skin color of the victim, which she finds scandalous. She concludes by accusing the report of leading public opinion to believe that the RN's coming to power would lead to racist behavior

The report shows Divine Kinkela, living in France for 30 years, suffering insults from her neighbors. The man of the couple accuses “the Mustapha, the whatever you want” of “not respecting the customs of France”. His companion, whose face is blurred, takes the caregiver to task by telling her: “We do what we want, we are at home. Go to the doghouse!"