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Barack Obama
"Look at Barack Obama. Many of my ministers made the mistake by praying him in to win the election. He has deceived my ministers that he’s a Christian, and many of my ministers followed him because of his material things…Now he is obeying you? Only that my ministers have done, it’s enough for me to send them to hell, but because of my love, I am still waiting for them to repent. Yet they don’t want to repent."

At 2:06:29 in the video: "Obama is not a human being. He’s a demon. Now my people are suffering over there in America. Now he has given an order that gays, homosexuals, and lesbians should be given their rights. I will destroy him and the ministers that agree with him. So let every man plead his case before me and I shall forgive they that ask forgiveness. They that ask forgiveness from their heart shall I forgive."

"T.D. Jakes is included. He should also preach holiness and righteousness to my sheep. And he should change from his worldliness."

“Morris Cerullo is included.”

"Tell T.B Joshua to repent from his worldliness and the worldliness of his members. And he should preach salvation, holiness, and righteousness to my sheep. Out of the whole congregation, there is no one qualified for heaven. I have spoken."

The Lord gave Samuel the following Scriptures for these ministers in connection with the above warning. Please read them carefully, and help get this warning to them, and other ministers like them: Is 52:1-15; 56:1-12; 61:1-12; 63:1-19; 65:1-25; Jer 7:1-29; 6:1-30; 5:1-31; 2:1-37; 11:1-23; 16:1-13; 19:1-15; Col 3:1-25; Jer 25:15-38; Ez 21:1-32; Mt 5:1-48; 10:1-42; Ex 21:36; 22:1-15. After reading these, I can see the Lord is angry, and has given a very big reading assignment with all these chapters. Yet there is a very clear message from the Lord in these passages.

"I hate carnivals with a passionate hatred."

"Tell those named 'Achan' to change their name. (Jos 7:1-26), because it is a rebellious name."

Warning about art that does not glorify God
"Tell those who draw any diagram or creature that does not glorify me, I shall cast them into the lake of fire. In fact, nobody should even draw, because some of these artists are demons, and they are (cartoonists?) used for satan. Therefore, repent and beware."



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