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Thomas1961 #fundie forums.carm.org

I guess courage was not distributed equally to all through the evolutionary process and money is needed to sweeten the pot for such an important topic to be publicly discussed.

Numerous articles by scientists have appeared in the last 10 to 30 years challenging various key aspects of the Darwinian theory.

700 scientists who dissent from neo-Darwinian evolution and have signed a statement of dissent “There Is Scientific Dissent From Darwinism. It deserves to be heard.” The list is growing and includes scientists from the US National Academy of Sciences, Russian, Hungarian and Czech National Academies, as well as from universities such as Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and others. (DissentFromDarwin.org) “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.” http://www.dissentfromdarwin.org/links.php

The evolutionists know once creationism is acceptable and taught alongside evolution theories their house of cards crumbles. So they are fighting with all they have to prevent this.

The god that atheists don't believe in, does not exist, as many have noted they are arguing not against Christianity but their wrong view of it. It would be advantageous for atheists actually took the time to know the Christian worldview and what the Bible actually means, not just what it says before they leap into arguments against it. But if they did this they may risk conversion.

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MarkSC #fundie forums.carm.org

You are cherry picking from one person. To adequately support your argument you need to verify that these statements are supported by what other Creationists say about this topic. I can assure of the the following though...

1. Creationists actively study the dinosaurs and their fossils

2. The reference to the more modern term of 'dinosaur' is explained so that we can examine ancient cultures and languages to see what words or descriptors they may use as an alternative to the word dinosaur.

3. Long age evolutionists won't even bother to check this out because they automatically assume that the dinosaurs died out long before man appeared.

4. Evolutionists reject evidence that does not fit their narrative, such as when fossils are found in the wrong rock strata, or when footprints from a human are found alongside dinosaurs.

5. Evolution can't explain why scientists are finding soft tissue in dinosaur bones.

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back2bible #fundie forums.carm.org

Don't worry Bob, Captain Cook tried to sail around Antarctica back in the 1800's and after circumsailing 60,000 nautical miles he never found a way around it

That's probably why the writers of the bible mention "to the ends of the earth".............over fifty times

or why the earth is described as a signet ring pushed down in wax....................because it leaves a big circular wall around the perimeter

The bible warned of the coming false science, its ironic you probably grasp evolution is a lie, not understanding that the deceived are not part of the conspiracy but simply were deceived into believing the lie, that's how satan has been deceiving even the elect, he deceives the unbelievers and has them propagate his deception

NASA is one of satans kingdoms..........he only had to deceive many of the workers who in return deceive the masses............nothing gets through the firmament

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back2bible #fundie forums.carm.org

What's the dream Bob?.................do you believe the old and new testament authors were ball earth believers?...............your new age philosophy has only come to be believed since the 1500's

Its not what anyone in the bible believed.................that's the fact you can not argue Bob!

when you discover NASA and free Masons are not a trust worthy bunch of people you will begin to see how the wool has been pulled over your eyes...............but you have Cognitive Dissonance on the one hand you want to believe the entire bible but the world has changed what you believe and it stands in contradiction to what the bible clearly teaches.

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back2thebible #fundie forums.carm.org

The same as it would take for me to not believe that Jesus is God's Son...............not a chance in this world would ever convince me differently...............remember I was a globe earther before I investigated the matter, my whole premise of investigation was to disprove the flat earth theory....................the only thing that stood in the corner of the flat earth theory for me, was the word of God and how the entire bible is filled with flat earth language and was written by flat earth believers....................then when you start realizing that we do see much further than the curve allows and start putting all the pieces together you can see heliocentrism is a satanic deception of grande proportions............just looking up at the stars at night you can see the stars are laid out in a dome shape, the sun shining down through the clouds with crepuscular rays shows the sun is close and local

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AVoice #fundie forums.carm.org

back2thebible: actually I believe just the opposite, much like those in the 1400's who believed God's word over the invented philosophies of men the philosophers overtook the church with there errant cosmology and it became the launch pad for evolution, even solid Christians today have a hard time reconciling scripture with what is plainly portrayed in the text.

AVoice: I see your point.
Just considering the many Christians now who laugh at evolution because it is not honest science. Also many atheists cannot accept evolution because of the IT technology within living organisms. But instead of accepting the Bible, they choose to identify the obvious higher power to be aliens who started life here long ago. The admission being; that chance and random accidents for the ordered, highly intelligent, and coordinated systems, is absurd. So my idea was that given the research and facts being presented by the FE community; if the course that transpired for the evolution delusion was replayed by the new facts emerging concerning FE, it seems reasonable that given enough time, under accommodating circumstances, the mindset 'evolving' from RE to FE would be anticipatory.
I suppose as you say in effect, the atmosphere or circumstances that would accommodate such an evolution; there doesn't seem to be much hope for that.
The media is non-stop deluding the masses, along with the education system.
I am thinking of putting an ad in the local free paper making it known that a Flat Earth Research Group operates in this area. Only one member, me, so far. But how do you know who else is interested unless you let it be known there are others around with whom things can be discussed and notes exchanged?

'Herd mentality' is a plague.

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back2thebible #fundie forums.carm.org

astronaut confirms fallen angels are here on earth

Of course he calls them extraterrestrials because he obviously isn't as big a believer in God as he leads us to believe, (NASA astronauts are all luciferian freemasons) because if he was he would know that we never see any UFO leaving our earth and venturing out in space, satan and his angels are trapped here just like we are and nothing gets past the firmament.


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Nouveau #fundie forums.carm.org

That is another reason I reject atheist dishonesty. God can't lie. Atheist accusations are NOT truth based. God wrote exactly why He was required to punish and destroy wicked mankind. The Flood. Who teaches atheists to lie about the Flood?

Atheists in their global dishonesty accuse God of murder. Don't lie about God. Lying about God does run off rational people from atheism.

My Bible contains not a single reference to a theist killing a person. Ironic that atheists have started threads lying about what is in my Bible.

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Molly #fundie forums.carm.org

There are people here who spend half their lives studying our founders and portray them to the public with historical accuracy. I just spent some time talking to Abigail Adams, 1778, the other day. I told her some people were saying her husband and his colleagues in Congress were not Christians. She was horrified at the rumor and said they most certainly were Christians and God fearing men. She said Mr. Jefferson had some strange ideas but he was still a Christian and she was sure he would come around to believing in the trinity eventually, which I believe he did.

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Jude1:3 #conspiracy forums.carm.org

Conspiracy Theories/ One of the biggest medical cover-ups in history

I'm convinced that it has to do with some Literal Mass Hypnosis/Sorcery set in motion by mass media. It's no secret that some hollywood actors and Mega Music Artists are Occultists. They use demonic forces to entertain, control and distract society. I'm also convinced that Religious Cult leaders tap into this stuff like Joseph Smith and Brigham Young did with the Mormons. That's how they get people to follow them.

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ferengi #fundie forums.carm.org

Logic supports the position that atheism is irrational

One of the laws of thought used in the field of logic is the Law of Rationality. This law states that a person should accept as true only those conclusions for which there is adequate evidence. This makes good sense, because a person who accepts conclusions for which there is no evidence, or inadequate evidence, would be irrational.

Since no atheist here has presented evidence for atheism then the above demonstrates how atheism is irrational. So the question that begs to be asked "Why be irrational/an atheist?"

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Danny of America #fundie forums.carm.org

Atheism's in no position to talk. Nobody who Sgt Schultzes against evidence is.

Even evidence - what of it? Evidence doesn't say anything until it is interpreted. Are we to suppose all interpretations perfect? Craig's advice to stick with what on knows to be true is sound.

According to scoffers themselves, the "evidence" once told us all the earth is flat and the sun orbits the earth, and that's irreconcilably and unequivocally wrong, and Christians all believed it. Seems they can't get their story straight about what's trustworthy. Scoffer history sure isn't!

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Danny of America #fundie forums.carm.org

No atheist is going to say to a 4-year-old, or anyone else they can get over on "we don't know". There's no motive. Those who always PRESUPPOSE God doesn't exist are perpetually in a state of having a claim they cannot support. Dodging it makes sense around adults who might challenge, but in no other context would it occur.

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Josheb #fundie forums.carm.org

Q: If you are a Christian... Is there any benefit for you?

A: Sure. Lots. I was selfish, lonely, hedonistic, and a lot of other things I didn't know I was. I thought I understood love, and joy, and peace, and sorrow, etc. but have learned that my prior understanding was really only a sliver of what it could be. I'm a better persona and I live with better people (of course that last part wasn't hard to do partying and living lawlessly.

Q: For people in your life -- friends, family, coworkers, etc.?

A: Any answer would be speculative because only they can answer that question but I can say that the men don't have to worry about me having sex with their wives, girlfriends, and daughter, and none of them have to worry about me acting selfishly, or violently, or breaking into their houses and stealing their stuff, or acting avoidantly or inconvenienced when they're in need, and none of us are caught up in a delusion that we're moral people living perfectly moral lives. I know how to give and keep my word and those with whom I live and work and play with, for the most part, also know how to do the same.

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ferengi #fundie forums.carm.org

Please do not ask of me what you do not ask of the atheist. edit - I am exempt from the normal honest rules of evidence and the burden of evidence as I lack belief - I lack a belief in atheism.

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DevoutBeliever #fundie forums.carm.org

Any woman who has a man ask her to perform anal sex should be cautious because only homosexuals take pleasure in such filth. That means she is with either a bi-sexual man or a closet homosexual.

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Metacrock #fundie forums.carm.org

I didn't say I'm not careful with it. I happen to know more about it than you. I know more than you about most things.

I was an atheist. i know atheists fear hell. you want to kid yourself and pretend you don't, you do. noting else could explain the gross illogical, the refusal to look at the evidence, nad the pure hatred that atheist exhibit all the time.

that movement is raw with hate. we must destory the evil stupid christians. why?

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Tercon #fundie forums.carm.org

I believe God is truth.
P1: If God is truth, then it is incoherent to believe God is not necessary.
P2: The proposition "God does not exist" is incoherent, so God is necessary.
P3: If God is necessary, truth is contingent and possible.
P4: A contingent truth is dependent on God’s exists in all possible worlds / states of affairs, or in none. (maximal excellence).
P5: The truth is contingent upon God.
C: Therefore, the experiencing of God is contingent upon one believing the truth; that God is truth.

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supersport #fundie forums.carm.org

[why would God give a whale lungs, placental reproduction, live birth where the mother must lift the baby up to breath, and mammary glands instead of the design of a fish? God even gave the whale the underlying skeleton homologous to other mammals, instead of one of a fish.]

why not? There are trillions of different designs, features and abilities in nature. The simple answer is diversity. God, it seems to me, loves demonstrating Himself by making unique and diverse works of art. And the funny thing is, keeping with mammals, is that all mammals share pretty much the same set of genes, no matter what they look like. It's almost like God is playing with scientists, like humans can play with cats with a piece of yarn. The idea that a mammal one day decided to start playing in the ocean and then evolve new and different traits so that he could one day swim in the depths strikes me as lunacy.

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Supersport #fundie forums.carm.org

Europe doesn't have much of a moral compass anymore, so it's no wonder that the majority of them believe in evolution. The belief in a theory that says things got here for no real reason is an immoral and illogical theory. Dumb luck is not a scientific theory, anyway, yet that's what natural selection is: the unlucky variants get selected out, leaving the lucky variants. Morality is grounded in truth, and there is nothing truthful about luck as something that can cause things to originate.

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supersport #fundie forums.carm.org

any idiot can see that there's a vast difference between humans and apes such as chimps and gorrillas...if they didn't, zookeepers would occasionally get confused and put humans in their cages.

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noemail001 #fundie forums.carm.org

This month is Bullying Prevention Month, they say. Hmmmmm... Fascinating.

Maybe what they really mean is stop bullying the anti-god side? The contra-god types are entitled to bully theists? Is that it? By the look of how this is going down in the media and Hollywood, it appears that they turn a blind eye to their own side when their own bully theists and religion. As their prophet Bertrand Russell taught: for atheists to finally arrive at their golden age they need to destroy religion-dragon.

Let's see how many godless swarm to CARM to intimidate, harass, and otherwise bully Christians. Let's see how many come to our website to see if we'll cower and cave. Let's see how many will come into our home, invited here for discussions, and then try to turn everything upside down. Let's see how many come here to _ on our most sacred texts, our Holy Bible. Let's total up all the mockery and scorn and insults of our most sacred faith. Let's see how they twist prayer. Let's see how often they play the victim.

Fascinating phenomenon, that atheism-thingy.

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ferengi #fundie forums.carm.org

I have seen many make wild claims like "there is no creator", or "i dont lie" or "I disproved Christianity" or "The Bible is historically unreliable" :- but I never see ansy evidence presented.

So if you are credible where is the evidence for these claims?

If you are credible why dont you present evidence?

I never see you present evidence atheism is true - so if you have any credibility where is your evidence?

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kkll4ever #fundie forums.carm.org

[In response to: What evidence do you have that neonates are heterosexual?]
They are the composite of egg and sperm. This is heterosexual anyway you shake it. Start at the beginning. I'll leave you figure out this oh so simplicity.

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Raypare #fundie forums.carm.org

The strongest argument against the evolution of humans is that man's intellect which is not physical could not have evolved. Only physical things can evolve and since humans thought are not made of sustance. therefore they could never have evolved. This means that we of today are exactly like ADAM and EVE were created.

The "Boggled" Award

And remember, Jesus died for your sins.

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Brisingamen #fundie forums.carm.org

Altruism is more animal behavior. When a human "sacrifices" out of love it is not a sacrifice at all, so it is not altruism. True love is selfish and when it is selfish it is also loving. If a man jumps in front of a car for his child yes that is very selfish behavior not altruistic at all. Altruism is when you sacrifice yourself for basically no good at all. Theres no good in just sacrificing yourself.

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Ben Masada #fundie forums.carm.org

According to the atheistic approach above, as far as I am concerned, he cannot say for sure that he knows that God does not exist, or he will be taken as a fool. So, he has no choice but to believe that God exists. If he knew for sure that God existed, he would not have to say that he believes in God. It stands the reason then, that atheists cannot be sure about anything or they will be taken by fools. In that case, he must believe that God exists, since he is not sure He does.

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tercon #fundie forums.carm.org

What you are referring to is not logic but “scientific method”, they gave up using logic because people like you wanted to hide their sin, and scientific method allows you to do so. Why do they not allow logic near their sacred cows? Because they know that the cows can’t stand up to logic.

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Paul Solberg #fundie forums.carm.org

[On taxonomic classification]

Well I just feel like being the Taxonimist's adversary here: As I said above. So many critters have eyes, but we don't lump them on that basis. Many critters have ears and we don't lump them on that basis either. I could go on, but I'm sure you already got the point. Why should mammals be a whole different category than non mammals. One thing that comes to mind is the dolphin. It is a mammal, but it is a fish. This brings up the question: Why is the dolphin put in the same category as people? I think this reflects evolutionary thinking. But I could be wrong.

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Mark Dreher #fundie forums.carm.org

God wants more than lip service.

There are minimum requirements.

You must do three things in order to be normal.

1. Say an original grace prayer before eating.

2. Attend one Protestant church service per week.

3. A morning and evening prayers of thanks to God.

When your feet hit the floor in the morning.

You fall to your knees.

And as you go to bed.

You got to "do stuff".

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Mark Dreher #fundie forums.carm.org

Have no fear D Laurier.

You will change.

You will change.

Everyone starts out as a liberal but at some point in their life, hopefully as early as possible, the Father's continual behind the scenes guidance and training eventually wears them down and they all convert into a conservative.

If you think of your grandparents and all the other people in that age range they are without exception very conservative, the only real question is at what age you to will put aside your youthful indiscretions, sober up and also receive maturity.

Since the "no elderly liberals" mandate is strictly enforced by the Father can you guess the fate of a liberal who refuses to eventually succumb to the Father's cleansing?

An untimely early death, yes you are right, good guess.

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Lynn47 #conspiracy forums.carm.org

(Astronomers are Illuminati pawns)

That means, somewhere down the line, the astronomers who publish all this astronomical data know quite well, the Seleucid Period astronomical texts as represented in Ptolemy's canon are fake. Even so, they are playing the game of representing those fake lunar times as reasonable and scientiic, which distracts from the revisions for this period. Thus it would seem the "Illuminati" has a vested interest in suppressing any credible scientific evidence of these revisions and have influenced the academic world to the point of publishing correct solar eclipse times, but fake lunar eclipse times.

At least that is the "conspiracy theory" as it stands now.

So in practice, in case you didn't follow, when I find an astronomical text that references a lunar eclipse, I adjust it to the true time, based on 16:14 distortion for the SK400 in 541 BCE. That's for every single lunar ecilpse. I subtrct 16 hours and 14 minutes, adding or substracting a few minutes based on the delta-T variance from 541 BCE. But when it comes to solar eclipses, I don't make any adjustments at all!

So there must be a conspiracy to project the lunar times adjusted to the revised records of the revised chronology, while maintaining the accurately projected locations and times of solar eclipses.

Now that is an extremely desperate focus to prevent accidental discovery of the Persian Period revisions.

But too bad we've already discovered it.

Maybe, at this time of "freedom of information" it still is too big of an embarrassment to astronomers who sold out under the pressure of the Illuminati or whomever to misrepresent lunar times in their canons. Thus correcting the timeline to what it originally was opens up too big of a can of worms, so scholars can't respond to the new evidence. They have to protect old lies.

Oh well.

At least we know the level of desperation and infiltration into academic disciplines the Illuminati has sunk. Redating the 1st of Cyrus to 455 BCE, apparently is not an option for them. They've dug themselves in way too deep at this point. The international community would be outraged to find out this level of deception. It's best to just keep on lying, apparently.

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supersport #fundie forums.carm.org

[In response to a post that says: "I guess a little more hand-holding is in order. When the soft tissue fossilizes, it gets replaced by minerals."]

here...let me help you...... scientists refer to a "fossil" as the preserved remains of a creature (usually thought to be ancient) that has been dug up. the word fossil, in Latin actually means "dug up." it has nothing to do with its mineralized state. a fossil CAN be mineralized (or not) but a fossil is just a dead animal that was dug up. now stop trying to teach me things -- it's not working. you don't have the chops.

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Nouveau #fundie forums.carm.org

Don't mess with the IRS. Darwin never had a paying job. His parents covered his trips. Hovind know many times more about science than The sicko Darwin.

Psychosis is very damaging to thinking. Very damaging.

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Nouveau #fundie forums.carm.org

I am a born again Christian. We don't do sex outside of marriage. Fornication and adultery is wrong. Evos claim there is no concept of sin. No concept of hell.

When evos call themselves apes/primates, they want the evo lifestyle. The laws of the jungle do not oppose rape or pedophilia. I am shocked to see evos try to pretend morality and even discuss it.

Age of gestation for apes is 7-10 years. Evos have no origin for the concept of pedophilia. When I consider this, I understand why they despise the bible and bible authority. The goal of creatures is to multiply.
In the bible males often married at age of 40. Why do evos think they know all about sexual sins when they deny the lawgiver?

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Beon #fundie forums.carm.org

[Concerning the OP's lesbian sister]

I want to warn you that I have a tendency to be bossy, and that doesn't combine well with written words when you can't hear the tone. So if you can hear me talking in the kindest and gentlest way, that is the way I mean them.

... If your sister brole with her girlfriend and lived the rest of her life in perfect chastity and service to others, she would not be reconciled to God. The problem is not with this one thing that she is doing, but with WHO she is. WHO she is is a child of wrath. It is not because of her girlfriend. She has a girlfriend as one of the many outworkings of the innate wickedness in her heart. Her heart is overflowing with evil, malice, and contempt. Moment by moment she exercises her hatred and rebellion against God in everything she thinks, says, and does, and everything she fails to think, say, and do. When she makes her breakfast in the morning it is out of hatred and contempt for the God who graciously provides her with it. Her soul is not doomed under the full measure of the wrath of God because she's shacking up with a girl, but because she hates God in her innermost desires. She is God's enemy.

And for her neighbor it is even worse. Everyday she thinks, says, does things out of hatred and contempt for her neighbors, whether through, gossip, slander, reviling, envy, anger, lust, or pride. She also shows her hatred everday by failing to love others in the things that she fails or forgets to think, say, and do. These things make her and ALL of us utterly guilty before God, and justly deserving of the full measure of the cup of God's wrath.

For unbelievers hellfire and damnation are coming swiftly on the wings of death because we've all earned it. None of us are seeking God. None of us are just a little bit good.

The "We Have a Shovel" Award

We can dig deeper, wider, we can top the OP about the pyramids being built by dinosaurs.

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Tools #fundie forums.carm.org

The bible does not mention the Pyramids so they were built without God's permission. Satan has many powers and could have helped the Egyptians, it's not beyond possibility.

Remember what happened to those who first disturbed the tomb of Tutankhamen. The evil spirits were unleashed upon them.

There is greater mystery in the hidden world than in so called reality. Read the bible and perhaps clarity on the point can be interpreted.

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countitjoy5 #fundie forums.carm.org

Hi All,
I was thinking about this past few days - it seems plausible; could large dinosaurs have been employed to move the massive stones required to build the pyramids? Also, were the pyramids constructed before the flood? It would seem to me they were assuming the flood took place around 2350 B.C. -

This would also explain why violence filled the earth in those days. So the question; were the pyramids built before the flood and if so, were dinosaurs used to move the stones?


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repent #fundie forums.carm.org

Unfortunately in the West we do have liberals, who are actually communists, who are power hungry and have no respect at all to the traditions and values of their countries.

Their aim is to build up a huge state and have themselves in the top echelons of it telling everyone what to do.

They despise people's freedoms. They don't respect that people would rather go to Church and learn about God rather than go to their museums and be brainwashed that there is no creator and that evolution did it all.

They don't respect that people would rather have money in thier own pocket to spend as they wish rather than having more of their income taken away by the government for the liberals/communists to spend for them.

Evolution is a tool of the communists to undermine Christianity and its morality. This because they want to be the people setting the morality for everyone else. They hate the fact that many look above their heads towards God for morality.

Surely, a confident scientist who believes in evolution would not be that concerned that the public, many of whom do not have scientific training, believe in evolution or not.

But these people are obsessed about public opinion on this subject. They go on and on about it. They can't stand the thought that people believe God created everything and that we descend from Adam and not pondscum.

Why are they so obsessed? Because it is not about science. This is a political-religious agenda by the liberals/communists to dismantle Christianity and impose a communist regime in the West.

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Diane S #fundie forums.carm.org

(In response to the question, "do you think that Jesus would approve of our use of waterboarding?")

Yes I think Jesus would approve, absolutely. Jesus used violence in carrying a whip in clearing out the Temple for the greater good. If I love my neighbor as I am taught to do, and I see my neighbor beating his wife and children and can only save them using violence, I believe God would approve not in His perfect will but in His permissive will to saving their lives. Which is why there is war in Scripture.....Any woman having a child born naturally, has suffered much more then a "waterboarding" done to save lives ...I don't think it is torture.....

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George Yurich #fundie forums.carm.org

Quote Originally Posted by Spacemonkey View Post
Still waiting for you to provide your "logical, analytical and cosmological evidence that God exists". Any time you're ready...

Theists do not have to prove anything. It is you atheists who have to prove that there is no God because you atheists are the minority.