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Wulfram #homophobia forums.skadi.net

Most people who "support" gays are actually opposed to it underneath, but dare not say anything for fear of being accused of ignorance, a typical leftist ploy. As a result their children are now going around espousing genuine feelings of toleration, simply because their parents were fearful that the child would repeat their "ignorant" words around school.

This is what I was talking about earlier, that social environment is the culprit behind homosexuality. The more tolerant our society becomes the more gays you are going to see, when before the influence of leftism you almost never heard about it. The few gays that ran around in the old days were raised in degenerate households.

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As far as I am concerned, score a point for fascism. If this is what freedom means, I say no. The only freedom people need is the freedom to do what is right--and this is not it.
At the risk of violating forum guidelines, I will say I recommend a two cent solution. Send in the Nazi stormtroopers!

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[On a music video involving interracial sex]

I feel humiliated

The main chorus is about “Mixing it up” yet if it was about “keeping it the same” it would have been banned

The blonde Swedish girl who is having sex with a black man sings the Swedish national anthem during intercourse.

Could you imagine it being aired in Japan if it was a Japanese girl doing this whilst singing the Japanese national anthem? Could you even imagine it in reverse; being aired in an Africa country if a white man was doing it to an African woman whilst she was singing the anthem of that nation.

Not a chance!!

This ad would not even have been aired twenty years ago in the West, I think we are becoming desensitized; I hate to think what is next.

Some things need to be banned as they are degenerate like child porn and in MHO this

It is promoting the destruction of a peoples racial and cultural identity