If you think you might know anything about who wrote this

Please alert the authorities. I'm not joking.

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Matt #sexist #psycho incelocalypse.ru

[Life Fuel] Found an empty building near the edge of my town

I found a fully abandoned storage room near the edge of my town, I took a drive at 4 AM to it to bring rope to it, most of it being metal rope with spikes on it

As I was driving I got anxious someone would see me and question what I am doing, the more I drove the more anxious I got but luckily there was no one to see me, when I got there I saw there is nothing to tie a victim to so I will have to bring a chair there and tie them to it, preferably a dentist chair

The building isn't very far away from the road but still far away enough to be safe for relentlessly torturing a femoid since no one will check it and people walking on that road won't see anything suspicious, so after I bring my "torture equipment" I shouldn't need anything else, to be perfectly honest I am both anxious and exited to see a real life experiment on how someone who previously lived a privileged life reacts to months (or years, If I choose so) of unrelenting torture, sleep deprivation, isolation from anyone other than the torturer and boredom of just being tied up and looking at a wall, as for kidnapping the victims I can knock them out when they are sleeping with a heavy wrench, muzzle them and put them in my car

If a femoid refuses to eat/drink so they can die as soon as possible, I will dry drown her, rape her and anything necessary to prolong her suffering, as well as force feed her even tho I don't have the devices that were used for that in prisons

"I have lived a life of pain and suffering, now it's time to bring that pain to the people who actually deserve it" - ER

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Polycel, Leucosticte and Cancel #sexist #psycho incelocalypse.ru

What would you do if you married your daugter

but then she cheated on you with Chad.

I guess she would have to die. A girl who cheats once will cheat again.

If she cheated she'd effectively not be my daughter nor wife anymore. I'd probably cast her aside and let her destroy herself in whatever way she sees fit.

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evilsmurf #sexist #psycho incelocalypse.ru

A father is supposed to teach his daughter how to be a woman that services a man's needs. All of a man's needs. After helping to give her life, raising and supporting her, it's only fair that the father gets something in return. The best gift a daughter can give her father is that tight young virgin pussy. All dad's deserve it. A dad works hard so that she is taken care of that feeling of that tight pussy gripping his cock is well deserved. She is his property. Her place is at our feet, cooking our meals, washing our filthy underwear cleaning our toilets and draing our balls. Just imagine slipping your full grown daddy dick into that tiny pussy stretching her to the max before giving you a new daughter to molest

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Caamib #racist incelocalypse.ru

Just punched a nigger in head

There are a lot of niggers in a city where I work. Some were shouting something right now on a busy street, annoying me to no end after a full day's work. I just wanted to sit down somewhere and have a beer while watching World Cup. So I approached one of these monkeys from behind and punched it from behind in the head. It fell down and before his stupid friends could react I punched him once again with my foot and started running away. I heard some yelling behind me but I easily managed to dissappear in the crowd.

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galileo1439 #pedo incelocalypse.ru

Cancel Wrote:
What laws would be the ones which would need fixing, or removing, to help us out? For example, age ones, rape ones, female voting ones, etc.

Just think about what our problems are and what political changes would we need to target? To help think of things, what were good laws which were changed for the worse?

Stop the ban on judges approving child marriage being imposed by many states. We still have time for this one. A lot of big name opponents to banning child marriage exist and have been successful, including the ACLU in California! Delaware thus far has been the only successful state to impose the ban fully. We should overturn it there too!

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Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson #sexist incelocalypse.ru

In the past, one might have argued, "You shouldn't have sex with your daughter because it would be better for her to marry someone closer to her own age, who has a different set of genetics and can therefore produce better kids."

This argument always did have the problem that some girls just happen to prefer older men. But whatever.

The problem now is, the typical girl is not going to get married at 13 like in the old days, but will instead become a slut. She'll get fucked by some Chad who will dump her, and then she'll end up getting fucked by lots of other guys, and have a kid outside of wedlock by one of them. If she ever does get married, the marriage will probably fail.

It isn't just trashy girls who are like this; middle-class girls are the same way. Not only that, but even if she does have a seemingly "successful" marriage (i.e. she and her hubby don't split up), she'll still probably only have like one kid -- not enough to sustain the family line. Plus she'll probably cheat on her husband.

Rather than let all that happen, it's probably better, if you have a daughter, to have a quasi-marital relationship with her, starting when she's at a young age. One may as well be the one to pop her cherry and repeatedly get her pregnant while she's still in her teens. That will be good for her kids, too, because they'll have the benefit of having lots of siblings to play with. Plus they can go hang out with their grandfather whenever they want, because he'll be the same man as their father, who lives with them in the same home.

The only problem is, the mother may get in the way of this plan. What you have to do, then, is maybe wait till the kid reaches a certain age where she's no longer breastfeeding, and then bump off the mom. Maybe tell your kid's mom, "Honey, let's go on a romantic getaway, just the two of us" and take her on a vacation to an exotic Caribbean island, where you will teach her how to scuba dive through a 17th-century shipwreck. Unfortunately, a tragic accident will befall her in which her scuba gear gets tangled up and she becomes trapped in the wreckage. You, of course, were running out of oxygen yourself and had to surface, leaving her there. By the time you returned to try to rescue her, she was already dead.

With the mother (who was probably starting to get kinda old and wrinkly anyway) out of the picture, you can then become the sole parent of your daughter, and molest her at will. It'll be the same scenario as in the novel Lolita. Hopefully, though, you'll get to her when she's young enough that you won't have to deal with some interloper like Quimby.

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Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson #fundie incelocalypse.ru

What do you think of using Gandhian tactics? Like saying, "I'm going on a hunger strike until I'm given jailbait pussy" and then doing a new YouTube video every day about the progress of the hunger strike, until dying of hunger?

I've gone on many hunger strikes. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

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caamib #fundie incelocalypse.ru

I am a limited political pedophile.

What does this mean?

I am not attracted to female children below the age of 12, but I would still have sex with a modern Western female even younger, even a toddler.


Because I hate almost all modern Western women and don't care what happens to them. I know they will all become worthless sluts who will fuck the dirtiest men around (actual omegas - http://www.coalpha.org/Misuse-of-terms-l...95159.html) and that they will reject any male who will be interested in a serious relationship, let alone marriage. They might marry a beta when they're 35 or so just so he can feed their disgusting omega spawn but even then they'll fuck dirtbags who will still have them.

I don't care what happens to almost any Western female toddler (excluding women from sane groups in the West, like Amish, Mormons, Mennonites or Orthodox Jews). Would I get hard on 3 year old female toddler were I to get one? I don't know, I honestly haven't been with one before. But even if I could not, I'd still try to lick its vagina or something like that, just for experiment. I suspect it would be easier with some developed girl who is like 11. I have no doubt I'd be attracted to her and would fuck her well.

The point isn't attraction. Were I attracted to below 12 jailbaits I'd be sure I could get it hard even for a 3 year-old, but I can't be sure of that right now for reasons I've mentioned - a) I am not attracted to them now b) I have never been with somebody who is, like, a toddler.
The point is something else completely -as a modern Western female, you have no rights in my eyes. You are lost, broken, tainted, worthless. You will never be anything than a public urinal. You have no capability of being a good wife or a mother.

On the other hand, I'd never act in ways I described with a female from a non-feminist country !

So in that sense I am a political pedophile, in a limited sense (I am not a political pedophile toward non-feminist women).

Any questions?

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OmegaKV #sexist #psycho incelocalypse.ru

Thought experient about brainwashing females

I had a thought that females are highly receptive to their surroundings, so it should in theory be possible to brainwash any female into finding you attractive (brainwash means that you BECOME her surroundings). The problem is that it's difficult to brainwash a female, because once she leaves and snaps back to reality (here friends "knock some sense" into her), she realizes you were brainwashing her and she ghosts you.

So I set up a thought experiments:

Imagine you kidnap a young beautiful 18yo girl and chain her to your basement. You keep her chained up, and initially she hates you for it, but you keep treating her well, acting like a father figure to her, buy gifts for her, talk about her feelings with her, tell her she's a wonderful person and kiss her. Then after a year passes by, tell her you are setting her free. Before you unchain her you tell her "I'm setting you free. You can go outside, walk around town, and do what you need to do. If you want to report me and have me sent to prison, I will understand completely. But if you want to come back, we can live together as a married couple and raise a family." and let her out the door. Don't you think in some cases the girl would want to stay with you?

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OmegaKV #sexist incelocalypse.ru

Women's attraction is relative, not absolute

Just watched this video by FaceAndLMS and was kind of disappointed at how he handled the question, although he is not complemlty wrong:


I unfortunately can't type much because there is a 5 second lag between when I type and when the characters show up, but basically I just want to say this: Imagine if the planet was filled with Chads and only guys above 8/10 existed but there is still a 1:1 male/female ratio.

Do you think every guy will get laid? If absolute attractiveness matters then every man will get laid. But no, RELATIVE looks are what matter. What will happen is that the Chaddiest 10/10 Chads will get laid and the regular 8/10 Chads will be incel.

Some guy makes a point that women's perception of looks are biological rather than learned from her environment, and I agree, but that is something completely different! He is confusing nature vs nurture with relative vs absolute. Women have an innate method of ranking men's looks, but it will always be the BEST men that turn women on, because in a competitive environment being the best is what matters for evolutionary success.

The typing lag on this website (and all websites that use the lookism.net forum software) is extremely painful. I just spent 6 or 7 minutes waiting for the last sentence to finish typing.

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Alonecel25 #fundie incelocalypse.ru

Frauds In The Incelosphere

This appear to be a growing problem in the community in general. Most of them still have supporters even after it's made clear they are frauds. Spotting a Fraud in the Incelosphere is a bit easy as most of them will be charismatic and have a sympathetic look about them but they will slowly begin to echo Blue Pill sentiments and normie talking points. When called out, they will defend their treachery and their supporters will doxx you and later claim that you're the reason incels are looked down upon. Frauds will also later leave the community and call themselves survivors of the incel community and paint the community as a toxic environment and many will later cuck themselves by dating or marrying leftover roasties.

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Matt #fundie incelocalypse.ru

So much of your life has been pre determined

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things in your life that you have extremely little/no free will over:

> social status throughout the start of pre school to the end of college

> face

> frame

> dick size

> body fat in early ages

> strength in early ages

> parents

> being good at math/physics/chemistry

Accepting blame for not being in the positive category for any of these is not rational, you can blame yourself and it could actually help you but it's not true

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Polycel #fundie incelocalypse.ru

Women should be allowed do work

Without being paid. America is great because once upon a time we had slaves. If we brought back slavery, we could make America great again.

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universallyabhorred #sexist incelocalypse.ru

Here is my vision of the ideal society for an incel. In this glorious world, females are strictly controlled they have no rights, educating them is banned and they are utilized to cook clean and provide pleasure as necessary. The government takes on an active role in regulating degenerate sexuality, in order to redress historical wrongs a system similar to affirmative action is devised for ugly incel males. The government gives ugly incels cushy high paying jobs in a variety of different administrative departments, which involves managing and controlling the people, all of these agents will work for at least 1 month at the department for the promotion of purity and will have 24/7 access to its female reserves.

What the department does is it regulates sexuality, censors porn, along with stones both adulterers and those who display lustful affections in public, which will be monitored by surveillance. How it regulates sexuality is by ensuring all females are made to wear chastity belts 24/7 from the age of 5, random inspections are done to ensure compliance, also neither the female nor her family would be able to remove the belt easily since the key would be held by the department. Females are also required to wear a shock collar from birth to which both the male members of the family and the government has control over to ensure its submissiveness.

Once a marriage has been arranged to a female it can get its belt removed by obtaining a marriage permit and then a sexual permit. For this the female will need to visit a department office branch accompanied by a male, wait for their turn then be interrogated for legalizing their marriage. Once they have received their marriage permit, the female is escorted to a room where the inspector removes the belt. He then takes both the female's anal and vaginal virginities if the female resists it will be shot beaten or shocked and denied the sexual permit. If the female is in the top 20% of attractiveness, the female will be knocked out and transported to the department's female reserves, and be denied the permit. Otherwise it will simply be returned to the male with a sexual permit.

Under this system ugly males have complete access to the female reserves consequently they gain pleasure from the hottest females, finally the lives of ugly males will be worthwhile we will be given the sexual rights we deserve.

Normie and attractive males also get submissive compliant females that cannot divorce rape their male masters. They may also take multiple wives which are not held in the female reserves. This program will be extremely effective if females are bred in high numbers in relation to males at a ratio similar to 10:1, so every normie or chad male can get multiple females and dispose of their wives freely once aged and hideous, while at the same time ugly incels are able to secure a portion of females in the reserves for their permanent pleasure.