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Anonymous: Wow, it must be hard to have an autistic person on your family. I've seen how autistic kids act and gods.... it was painful to watch the parents get distressed and hopeless.

ProLifeProLiberty: It’s actually not hard. I don’t know if you’re being genuine or sarcastic, but I am by no means complaining about my brother or his autism.

All I’m saying is I’m glad his therapist was able to help him communicate with us and help us communicate with him so we could better understand what he needed and wanted.

And if you were being genuine, please know that autism isn’t the tragedy that Autism Speaks makes it look like. Autism is a spectrum, and every autistic person has a unique experience with it.

KatieMarie999: Actually it is really hard. It’s hard on the parents seeing their kid having goals and dreams he’ll never achieve because his lack of social skills prevent this. It’s hard on the other kids all getting a lot less time with their parents because they’re too tired or too busy with the autistic kid. It’s hard on the siblings, who have to deal with this every single day and have people uncomfortable around them or at their houses because of that sibling.

It’s hard. It’s painful. It absolutely sucks. I have no relationship with my brother and his effects on my childhood still affect me as a person and prevents my family from being close. We can’t even have family time because he ruins it and my parents refuse to exclude him, so none of us ever wants to spend time together because it means him talking over us the entire time and saying inappropriate things and getting offended if we try to do something he doesn’t want us to do.

It 100% depends on the situation. Some families with autistic members do really well. Some suffer. Some are ruined by it. There are way too many factors to say outright that it’s either a good or bad thing. It’s a thing. And sometimes it’s a horrible thing. Sometimes it’s the one thing that dramatically changes someone’s early life from really good to nightmarish.

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Katie, I just want to tell you I don't give a rat's ass that you think we can still be friends because I honestly wouldn't touch your raw chicken looking ass with a ten foot pole... anyone propagating that a clump of cellular life is more important than the financial, medical and psychological wellbeing of an already existing human being is a fucking sociopath

Sociopath: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

I’m impressed that you’ve been able to diagnose me and about 50% of the population with a personality disorder based solely on one position on one issue.

I mean if you’re on anon, I assume you’re not someone I’ve ever spoken to before because I have faith in my friends and even in the people who just follow me from a distance. They’re good people, regardless of what side they’re on. And I don’t believe any of them would ever send hate anons to anyone. I hope one day, the same can be said for you.

I’m not going to have an argument with you. I don’t want to waste my time trying to talk to someone so intolerant that they’re willing to send something this immature. So here is a lovely pro-life master post someone made. Lots of great information about embryology and the ways the pro-life movement are helping women in need.

I don’t reach my beliefs or positions blindly, which is why I don’t align myself with a political party or with either liberalism or conservatism. I don’t sit here twirling my fake mustache asking myself “how can I hurt and oppress my own sex today for no reason?” If that’s what you think about the pro-life cause, perhaps you should do some research. I’d recommend logging off tumblr, to start.

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Hey all, can we please stop lumping autism and ADHD together?

I feel like there’s a lot of people who are drawing attention to comparisons and fair enough, as they do have overlap, but they are two very different conditions. They can coexist. They can also exist independently of each other.

I have ADHD. My brother has autism. My brother does not have ADHD. I do not have autism. I’d like to stop being lumped with him as if he and I think the same way when we differ wildly and do not get along.

He has sensory issues and struggles to understand when things are too loud or too quiet. I do not.

He has repetitive movements that cause him to smack himself or make faces. I fidget sometimes, but I do not have repetitive movements or tics.

He talks to himself constantly, compulsively. Out loud. At full volume. I do not. If I talk to myself, I do so very quietly or in my head.

We both struggle with filter, but my filter is infinitely better than his and I am good at remembering what ticks people off. He constantly forgets and has to be told repeatedly what annoys people.

He does not understand facial expressions or tones and constantly gets them confused. I do not have these issues and I am perfectly capable of reading someone’s facial expression. My issue lies in missing signals because I’m not focused on the right things.

I struggle to focus on tasks that are uninteresting. He can focus if he needs to, but he has to decide to do so. I cannot make this decision for my brain.

One of the biggest reasons ADHD and autism are often confused for each other is the fact that they may do some of the same things but for completely different reasons.

Talking too loud? Autistic people might not even be able to sense that they’re shouting and may continually shout again after being reminded. People with ADHD may not have noticed that their voices are louder and will be able to tell they’re too loud if it’s pointed out to them.

Missed a social cue? Autistic people saw it but didn’t understand it. People with ADHD didn’t notice it, but it’s more than likely that they would have understood it if they had.

My point is that autism and ADHD are not the same disorders and it’s harmful to lump them together as if having one automatically means having the other. Please please please consider the WHY and understand that an autistic person’s reasons for a symptom may be completely different from someone with ADHD’s reason.

just a rant from someone who has spent her ENTIRE LIFE being compared to her autistic brother and is really sick of it
i'm not him
he's not me
we have almost nothing in common