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We souled human beings are far from being just a physical body, we are infinite spiritual beings. As holographic parts of our Creator, we were created equal to creation itself. We are omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent beings. Our body is the electrical record of our thoughts.

We humans become conscious when we take physical bodies that we mentally project and electrically record in 3D form.

Human conscious intention is a very powerful power in the universe. We can use the power of our verbally expressed conscious intention to alter our DNA and bring about the desired changes in our body. We can also use the power of our conscious intention to bring about any other desired change, for example to balance any radiation to prevent its harmful effects, or to protect our body from any other negative influence. If we were able to keep thinking about that one and only thought, it would manifest.

Research Professor Ilija Lakicevic has experimentally proven the true concept of how the cell, atom and particle work: rings of light, like doughnuts, that revolve around the central point of the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent (Spirit, God, Source) who is the source of energy and from which the spinning rings of light borrow energy in order to move. When we connect to this intelligent and omnipotent infinite spirit, the Spirit point and verbally express a conscious intention, that intention manifests 100% because Spirit is omnipotent.

Professor Ilija Lakicevic discovered and developed the I-Change Conscious Creation Technology and the Lotus Conscious Chip, in which he needs three nano-layers to register his conscious intention. So when the conscious chip is added to a device- its conscious intent manifests continuously (24/7).

Embedded within the Lotus Conscious Chip is DIVINE PROTECTION AGAINST EVERYTHING, including protection against the effects of radiation, protection against thought poisoning, protection against all manner of outside attacks.