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Every universe, every galaxy, every being is created with a program for expression and experience for consciousness and a path of return to the Source-Creator which is called The Plan. Each is unique and in a sense an experiment. Once set in motion the Creator normally does not interfere but recedes to witness in order to know itself. In our duality universe the specifications include 12 dimensions, duality, frequency, and certain universal and systemic laws, one being free will choice. Our history then is the record of how that Plan unfolded, the sequence of choices made, causes and effects. With the initial separation of the light and the dark, a history of conflict was set in motion that was leading the world into a state of chaos and destruction that was affecting other universes of creation, requiring an ad hoc adjustment in the Plan. The process of creation is covered elsewhere on the site (see Multi-dimensional reality Base Maps and 0.All That Is).

Before getting into that history a number of factors need to be considered that affect how we view this history:

• the Source of the information,

• the Timeline: one of a vast variety of possible sequences of programmed events experienced by a being or world from beginning to end,

• the Multidimensionality of the universe and

• the nature of Time, the context of history

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This is the Legacy of Man, a vast body of knowledge of the true nature of being and multi-dimensional reality known as the Matrix…a knowledge of immeasurable value. We shall explore this knowledge through three Portals. The first (1), what is called the Ancient Wisdom, the teachings of the traditions known as metaphysics and the mysteries, especially in numbers, sacred geometry and geomancy. Secondly (2) the Sacred Science emerging from the synthesis of the ancient wisdom with the new sciences. And the third (3), the Ascension or The Great Awakening…the Journey of the Soul which will chronicle mankind‘s true origins, purpose, powers, history and destiny as eternal divine beings. the plan of the Earth Experiment, the Shift, the structure of the Matrix, that is of multi-dimensional reality or the Paths of Return to the Source of our being, the Shift in Consciousness, Personal and Planetary Transformation and the Practice by which one may achieve Enlightenment or Ascension.

Through the ages of mankind’s evolution this knowledge has been suppressed by a group of cosmic beings known as the “dark” or “the fallen” having rejected the Light and Love of the Creator in favor of serving their own self interests, They have presented themselves to humanity as the god or gods of ancient civilizations and religions, impersonating the Supreme Being. Conflicts have been waged between the forces of Light and Darkness for control of the planet. Working through a pantheon of lesser gods in higher dimensions, through negative extraterrestrials and an elite group of families and/or priesthoods on the physical plane, they have sought to manipulate and control humanity both from the physical and astral planes as slaves and a source of energy upon which they feed. They have modified our DNA and implemented mind control through our technology, our subtle energy chakra systems and our institutions, particularly religion, government, education and economics. Ultimately they have modified the Divine or Universal Matrix with a false or synthetic overlay matrix in the lower dimensions to lead mankind deeper into materialism, more reliance on technology, all to obstruct our spiritual evolution. For if we knew the truth, we could not be controlled. Knowledge is power. But in playing what is called “the Game” in the false matrix success and even survival require compliance, fitness means obedience and playing the rules. All is for profit. Their agenda is veiled from us as isour true nature but this is what we came here for.

Many hundreds of millions of years ago, as earth measures time, there was a galactic conflict on multiple dimensions to redeem the original Divine Plan for this galaxy and universe that was being taken over by the fallen dark and causing a descent into chaos. This is a story told in the Akashic Record which continues today. We are a part of a vast complex of conscious civilizations in this galaxy and so also a vast history.