Robert Allen Gulick III #ufo #conspiracy #magick

Every universe, every galaxy, every being is created with a program for expression and experience for consciousness and a path of return to the Source-Creator which is called The Plan. Each is unique and in a sense an experiment. Once set in motion the Creator normally does not interfere but recedes to witness in order to know itself. In our duality universe the specifications include 12 dimensions, duality, frequency, and certain universal and systemic laws, one being free will choice. Our history then is the record of how that Plan unfolded, the sequence of choices made, causes and effects. With the initial separation of the light and the dark, a history of conflict was set in motion that was leading the world into a state of chaos and destruction that was affecting other universes of creation, requiring an ad hoc adjustment in the Plan. The process of creation is covered elsewhere on the site (see Multi-dimensional reality Base Maps and 0.All That Is).

Before getting into that history a number of factors need to be considered that affect how we view this history:

• the Source of the information,

• the Timeline: one of a vast variety of possible sequences of programmed events experienced by a being or world from beginning to end,

• the Multidimensionality of the universe and

• the nature of Time, the context of history



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