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There is a lot of talk about violence and how it isn’t necessary. Everyone is asking for everyone to remain calm. So tell me, how exactly are you going to stop this fraudulent President-Elect Biden from being sworn in? Don’t tell me to trust the plan that it is the final act that needs to happen before Trump can act. Seriously? Makes me laugh. We are five days away from our country flat out being stolen from us. The whole world knows this election was stolen. Even Stevie Wonder can see that this election was stolen. And all I hear is “remain calm, trust the plan, we’ll vote them out in two and four years from now, we can survive.” Elections are meaningless now, that has been proven.

People keep talking about secession. Do you honestly think that the other side is going to let their cash cow just walk away peacefully? I highly doubt that. They can’t even feed themselves without us. So if these tyrants would rather make us suffer than let us walk away in peace, what do we do? You know the answer to that but you don’t dare say it aloud. For speaking it gives it meaning, makes it real. It does not matter. Violence is our solution to the problems we are faced with. Quit trying to tuck it away and lock it in a safe.

They are coming for us no matter what once Biden is sworn in on the 20th of Jan. What happened to all the talk and people saying “you have until 11:59am on the January 20th to do the right thing, or we’ll do it for you.” I totally agree with that statement. Aesop has said it over and over again. We need more people who agree with that. It’s hard to judge the size of our movement but at least 70-80 million people voted for Trump, and I guarantee there are more than that who agree with our founding documents and thus agree with us. So we have numbers, yes unorganized numbers, but we still have numbers. A majority has never been needed to start a revolution or rebellion. The odds do not matter. We either fight now or we become enslaved.

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[From a website that is apparently in favor of overthrowing the U.S. government.]

Such a beautiful thing.

I like how everyone you don’t agree with politically is a combatant by proxy. It’s beyond reason, beyond doubt and at the cusp of humanity. It’s the beautiful simplicity of the darkening edge. It’s a black and white world going to red. The muscle shall cut out the fat and the blood will not stop flowing. The time of the beasts has arrived, this is the truth of nature, the strong must consume the weak.

O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. Blessed is the one who grabs your little children and smashes them against a rock. -Psalm 137:9

Nobody is safe. Fire does not know the meaning of noncombatant. The battlefield is everywhere. Pull the trigger, light the fuse, draw the long knife unless you’re a fag. It is time to claim our place as the superior.

I WILL STAND, but I will stop to drink. I will drink until my belly distends, until my gut splits open with gore, then I will drink of my own death and the death of the world.

This is the time of strength.

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Kill Them All – Every Last One
Posted on November 24, 2016 by LT


As I have been warning for more than a decade now, they are dangerously destructive to society – all society – and there simply is no place for them in our world. None. They cannot be rehabilitated. There is absolutely no just cause for tolerating them, or the spread of the satanic and corrosive anti-culture which they claim is their “religion”.

It’s not a religion – islam is a death-cult, and more than that, it is a political and social system purposed and designed explicitly to destroy every last shred of goodness and decency, in every place where it is allowed to take root. It is the very embodiment of evil, the crown-jewel in Satan’s design to destroy all of humanity and condemn us all to an eternity in Hell.

Like a flesh-eating bacteria, islam indiscriminately devours it’s host, killing it in the process. And in recognition of this plain, simple fact, the choice is simple – excise and incinerate the contaminated flesh at the very first opportunity, or watch the entire society onto which it has taken hold die an ugly and horrific death.
The necessary course of action is clear, though unsettlingly brutal to men of a civilized mind – The non-muslim world must boycott all muslim communities/countries – no arms, no food, no medicine, no technology, no trade whatsoever; no emigration of muslims into non-muslim countries for any reason whatsoever. No exceptions. Period.

Nor should any claimed “conversion” to a religion other than islam be recognized – because of the islamic deceptions of Taqiyya and Kitman – once a muslim, always a muslim.
The answer to any act of war or terrorism by muslims against any other nation or community, must be in the only language which muslims understand and accept – the language of overwhelming destruction: Nuke Mecca and Medina, and the 10 largest muslim-majority cities.

And thereafter let the warning stand; that upon any further act of terrorism against any non-muslim society, or upon any attempt to spread islam outside of the mid-East countries which it currently controls, we will nuke another ten muslim-majority cities—

As I have been saying for over a decade now,
there is only ONE solution to the muslim problem –

Kill every last muslim,
Burn every last copy of their satanic book.
Burn every last mosque to the ground.
Burn every last dwelling they have occupied,
And wherever you must burn,
Salt the ground heavily.


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Thank you, sir; well said. What this woman says [ and what so many pacifist, even among Christians believe] is that man has outgrown violence and usurpation, and that we are crazy, or living in an antiquated vision of society; but Gods Law says otherwise:

“now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.” “That is enough,” he replied.-- Luke 22:36~38

How many were with Christ at that moment, as he set out for Gethsemane? Certainly His Disciples were all there—and at least as many more who are not named in the Gospels. Were there 40 with Him a that moment, perhaps 50 of his followers?

So among 40 or 50 people, TWO SWORDS WERE ENOUGH. That is 4 to 8 percent of the population. I believe that Christ meant that we should understand that A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF HIS FAITHFUL WOULD ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ARMED to prevent violence and usurpation of His Church and of society.

In America, we have always satisfied that requirement, through the militias and, more recently, through our military and law enforcement. But to be effective, those military and law enforcement MUST ABIDE FIRST IN GODS LAW -- if they fail in that, then they will become instruments of tyranny; whether voluntarily, or through their ignorance.

But Obama and his predecessors in tyranny have attacked the very foundation of that -- look at what this administration has done to HOBBLE military chaplains; preventing them from speaking Truth and admonishing soldiers to be moral and God-fearing servants of the universal law. When I went to basic training (1980s), it was not this way -- the moral code of the soldier was absolute and inviolate, and the punishments for violation of that universal law were firm and unavoidable. To turn an army into an instrument of tyranny, one must first remove the Higher Authority which guides it. We have witnessed that very thing being done since Pres. Clinton gutted our military -- retiring a massive portion of the senior NCO staff, which decimated the moral culture and traditions of our armed forced; and at the same time ordering changes which weakened the education and enforcement of absolute moral adherence among our newer generation of soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines.

Now some will say, “But Jesus also said that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword”. My response is that this is a plain warning about any standing army/police force which lives by it’s own rules, rather than by the Universal Law which Christ taught.
If you are truly living by Faith, Hope, and Charity, then even though you serve in an armed capacity, you are not ‘living by the sword’ -- you are serving your community/country in all humility, with love and with honor.

But if you are a soldier or other armed officer of the state, and you do not live by these virtues, then you do, indeed, live by the sword. In this WE HAVE BEEN WARNED.

May Gods grace and mercy restrain us from any action which is unjust, and strengthen us to act decisively against all injustice which we ourselves witness. For any true soldier, this is our calling in the Body of Christ -- to be it’s humble guardians.


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[From a letter called "A Time to Kill"]

I bear witness to the fact that throughout my lifetime, the lifeblood of my republic has been drained away by greedy and self-serving men, from high to low, who contrive nought but deception against their neighbors and countrymen, and who fail to consider that their children and mine shall share the same fate, the same future, and I am saddened by it.

But I am a soldier, and I know what must be done; and so I shall put away my sadness and I shall harness up the bitter steed of war, and gird myself up for the battle; and I shall ride out to meet the enemies of Liberty; not in rage, not for anger sake or the hope of vengeance; but because I swore an oath before God, to jealously guard our Republic and its Constitution against all enemies; Him I shall not disappoint, for He is my Hope and my Trust.

Therefore, as much as my soul laments against the harsh truth before me, I make this declaration to my enemies who press me into this battle, that none shall be able to afterwards say “I did not know, you did not warn me”;

I do not care why you took that job with the government, or why you continue to hold it. I only know that you have become Judas and sold yourself to an oppressive state - your government office buildings and vehicles are part of the battlefield, and as a soldier I shall act accordingly.

I do not care why, as a journalist, you choose to spin and corrupt the news, rather than report the plain truth and let the people judge for themselves. I only know that you have violated the public trust in the most vile and seditious manner, and thus your homes, offices, studios, vehicles, and any other place you may find yourself are part of the battlefield, and as a soldier I shall act accordingly.

I do not care why you signed that union card. I only know that you pay dues to a communist organization which conducts treasonous works against my Republic daily – and so your union hall and your work-sites are part of the battlefield, and as a soldier I shall act accordingly.

I do not care that you only voted for the traitor because you are elderly/disabled or otherwise dependent upon government largess. Are you so ignorant and/or disinterested that you could not see through their propaganda, to the fact that your sustenance was assured either way? What have you gained now that the public housing areas you live in, and the public facilities you depend on are part of the battlefield? Though I am a soldier, I can afford you little protection, for you have placed yourselves on the battlefield.

I know that all of these places and all of these people are part of the battlefield ,not just because I am a soldier, and have experienced a few battlefields in my day; but also because our President declares that even our own homes are on the battlefield, whether we wish them to be or not, and I have no choice but to believe him; it’s not just that the NDAA passed – a battlefield is not defined by law; it’s the profound build-up of martial power and resources across my once-great nation which tells me a battle is being prepared here. Over two billion rounds of ammunition procured by DHS and its sub-agencies in the past 18 months, plus machine guns in the tens of thousands, armored vehicles, combat aircraft, drones, and other implements of war being staged throughout our nation, our home – how do you explain that except as the preparation for battle?

I will fight not because I desire it, but because I cannot justify any other course of action – when the enemy attacks, you must fight – you must kill or you will die.

I smell you, my enemy; I can feel the ambush you have laid for me and my true countrymen, all about like a sticky spider’s web, yet we will not back down; and though you will kill some of us, you will not get us all before we have finished with you.

I stand here, ready, on the eve of battle, and I ask God why I have been brough to the threshold of this battlefield, about to be thrust in, when I though my soldiering days were through; and I am reminded that there is by His decree, a Time to Kill, as well as a Time to Die— who am I to question why?