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It really gets up my nose. If you go by TV adverts it would appear that every white woman is married to at least one black man & has a tribe of multi coloured children. There is nothing wrong with mixed marriage until you start claiming its the norm when it most certainly is not!

Today, on a night out, we have to decide whether we will avoid a bashing by a queer or a pakistani.

Bloody Jews. What terrible behaviour. Lets all combine our IQ's and have a protest.

With all the power she has in this 21st century Britain, Mrs May allows animals to be slaughtered in excruciating agony rather than spare them this dreadful suffering caused through religious superstition because she does not want to lose a vote from either a Jew or a Muslim.

Can you imagine it, Ireland is boasting about taking financial jobs away from us - Paddy put your bloody shoes on....I can't count above ten without me toes.....

1 in 4 Swedish women can expect to be raped by a muslim. Small wonder with such rich pickings that they won't integrate.

The Japanese are determined to retain their national identity which is why they have banned mass immigration. In Europe, Muslim migration ensures that most countries will be Muslim by 2050. It must be the first time in history that a race has voluntarily replaced itself.